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  1. zmanzbo

    WTB: 2 cheap tix for tonight

    If anyone has 2 cheap tix I would gladly take them. Don't care where they are just don't want to miss a game for the 1st time in years. Thanks!
  2. zmanzbo

    WTB: 2 tix for tcu

    Looking for 2 tickets for the tcu game. Preferebly lower level.
  3. zmanzbo

    WTB: 2 tix for WVU

    Looking for 2 tix for the WVU game if anyone has some please let me know. Thanks!
  4. zmanzbo

    Free 2 GA eiu vs ISU wrestling tix

    I have GA wrestling tix from our donation. We aren't going to use them. If anyone wants them I can transfer via email.
  5. zmanzbo

    FS: 4 tix for southern miss game $20/OBO

    I have 4 tickets for tonights game in section 240 row 3 on the aisle. $20 each or BO. I can forward the tix via email.
  6. zmanzbo

    Ping ISU gear

    Anyone know where to get the Ping ISU gear I have seen lately? I searched online and couldnt fine anywhere that sells it.
  7. zmanzbo

    WTB: 2 WBB KU for Monday

    Looking for 2 tickets and johnnys wristbands to the women's game on Monday vs KU .
  8. zmanzbo

    WTB: 2 Mizzou lower levels

    Looking for 2 tix for tonight.
  9. zmanzbo

    WTB: Johnny's Passes For OSU Game

    Looking for 4 Johnny's passes for the OSU game. Let me know if anyone has any extras, thanks!
  10. zmanzbo

    KSU game @ 2:30

    Anyone know where the ISU section will be for the KSU game? Hope there are tons of cyclone fans down there!!
  11. zmanzbo

    Poll: was the Trump ISU Jersey for sale the best thread ever?

    Man that was great while it lasted! Best thread ever?
  12. zmanzbo

    The annual where to watch the 1 Mediacom game thread

    Who is going to have the game on tonight? Thanks!
  13. zmanzbo

    Feedback: Mobile forums slow

    Is anyone looking into why the mobile forums are so slow to load? It's pretty bad no matter what connection, device, etc. Can you have an option for a totally slimed down version of the site? Does the site work with 3rd party message board apps like Tapatalk? Thanks.
  14. zmanzbo

    Season tickets have arrived!!

    Pretty sweet looking. Starts with Campbell the 1st game and then a different player each game. They are embossed as well. Sorry can't post a pic of them now, maybe someone else can.
  15. zmanzbo

    WTB: 4 tix for end zone club for spring game

    Let me know if anyone has 4 tickets in the end zone club they don't need or want to sell. Thanks!
  16. zmanzbo

    Didn't know Fred was still the coach

    According to CF Fred is still the head coach! :biglaugh:
  17. zmanzbo

    Signing day celebration

    Did anyone go up to the signing day deal at the end zone club on Wednesday? Maybe I missed it but didn't see any posts about it. We couldn't make it but was interested to see how it was and what the turnout was like.
  18. zmanzbo

    WTB: Johnny's bands tonight

    Anyone they have 2 bands they are looking to get rid of for tonight? I have 2 but need 2 more.
  19. zmanzbo

    Tree trimming recs in DM?

    Anyone have a tree trimming service they would recommend in the Des Moines area? Thanks!
  20. zmanzbo

    Flag from athletic dept.

    Anyone else get a free flag from the athletic department recently? Nice surprise in the mail today!