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  1. CyclonesRock

    Only One NonCon Game

    Ball St makes sense from a let's see what happens stand point. Students arrive next week which would give us a whole month to get through the initial spike in cases and the inevitable surge over the following couple of weeks. Then we play a game and have 2 weeks to see what happens as far as...
  2. CyclonesRock

    Big XII ADs Split on Schedule - Presidents Voting on Monday

    Just a little over 4 weeks to Kickoff! I am looking forward to 4 home games in September.
  3. CyclonesRock

    Ball state added to Schedule

    I hope some of these games are late starts as I do have to work some Saturdays...Can't really take a whole month off in a row! :confused:
  4. CyclonesRock

    Anyone having a suggestion for walleye fishing in Iowa or MN?

    Just got back from a week of fishing the Iowa Great Lakes. Spirit Lake has produced great walleye this year, but slowed dramatically as the week progressed, I assume the heat had a lot to do with it. Was also there a month ago and 3 of us caught over 50 in about 4 hours, mostly in the slot...
  5. CyclonesRock

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    I thought Easter was cancelled this year.
  6. CyclonesRock

    A Cyclone legend has passed away...

    What a fantastic story about his relationship with ISU.
  7. CyclonesRock

    I lost my job

    This has happened to me twice in my career (so far:D ). Middle management is always at risk when there is reshuffling at the top. The first time I did not skip a beat and never even had time to collect unemployment. I did need to relocate but the new job was fantastic for 10 years. Then out...
  8. CyclonesRock

    Every Iowa State Football Game Ever: The 1890s

    How the heck did they keep score back then? Reading the articles talk about multiple scores for each team and then the final score would be 6-0. Did each teams scores offset each other?
  9. CyclonesRock

    Every Iowa State Football Game Ever: The 1890s

    Very cool. Having just read a couple of the recaps about early games against the HOKS, I find it interesting that they were State University of Iowa back then. Kinda' surreal reading the TOE as State University! :confused:
  10. CyclonesRock

    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    Were you one of those "Fire Prohm guys? If you were, then I guess, if he doesn't get the waivers, you should be happy the roster is pretty stacked for Otzelberger when they fire Prohm. Or, were you a bring back Hoiberg guy?o_O I 've said it before and I will say it again, I like Prohm and I...
  11. CyclonesRock

    Attendance policy from JP...

    I tried to post a picture but it says my file size is too large and I'm not smart enough to know how to fix it. :(
  12. CyclonesRock

    Attendance policy from JP...

    Just wondering if you have regularly worn one? I have been wearing masks every day since mid-March for work since I deal with the public. 3 out of my 4 children also work in "essential jobs". My wife made cloth masks for all of us since initially there were none to be found to purchase. For...
  13. CyclonesRock

    Weird Jobs That Pay The Bills

    Used to try getting golf balls out of ponds as a kid, always got run off by some jackleg in a golf cart with a spotlight. I imagine this guy actually has permission to do so... :eek:
  14. CyclonesRock

    Friday OT 2: What do you do to keep a positive outlook?

    This time of year gardening, fishing, yardwork, really anything "outdoors" allows me to reboot. Oh, and I try to stay out of the cave! ;)
  15. CyclonesRock

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Anybody know more detail on why it appears there is an ISU reference on the corner of this picture? Seems weird to me.... Another example of living rent free?
  16. CyclonesRock

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Maybe a play in spot for not paying the contractors on the Children's Hospital Contract. Not sports related or it would be a higher seed. Maybe an 8 seed for calling the "Wave" a new "tradition" the first time they did it.
  17. CyclonesRock

    Interesting fish(ing) story.

    "accidentally" LOL!
  18. CyclonesRock

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Ever hear an abused spouse continue to support their abuser? I think this is very similar in many respects.
  19. CyclonesRock

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Q: What do Iowa fans and Iowa State fans have in common? A: None of them actually attended the University of Iowa.
  20. CyclonesRock

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Here are my criteria, you can agree or disagree. I will "demand the firing of coaches from other programs" as soon as one of those other programs A) appear within our state borders B) appear on our schedules annually or C) their whack job "fans" appear on our website looking for trouble.