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  1. cdface

    Will a broken Penix help ISU FB?

    IU is a team we probably should be ahead of, and hopefully WILL be by the end of the year, in the Playoff ranking. Will this be the week we make the jump? Their QB is/was pretty good. He might remind some folks of a poor man's Seneca Wallace (I read that somewhere, not my original thought, and...
  2. cdface

    The better NFL prospect: Rose or Eisworth?

    Serious question here. Eisworth has more eye-popping plays, but Rose feels like the [sometimes] unsung key to our defense. Who projects better in the NFL ranks, assuming even one of them has a chance? Campbell has praised each of them in different ways this season.
  3. cdface

    NFL: Hard to argue Kaepernick isn't blacklisted.... "Alex Whitcomb, manager of audience development for, wrote: "I'm a big Eagles fan, but I do have to ask: Is Josh McCown really better than Colin Kaepernick?" A user named Flash Gordon SZN pointed out Kaepernick...
  4. cdface

    Half page mobile ads are back!

    Haven't had to deal with them in quite a while, but the last two or three days it's suddenly been pretty bad again. No way to close them out, have to refresh and hope it doesn't come back. Sometimes they go away on their own....
  5. cdface

    Dyson V8 Animal vacuum issue

    So my handheld vacuum here is over a year old. I love the thing. Normally when these are plugged in, they show battery status and an indication they are charging. Starting this morning, I see nothing unless I pull the "on" trigger, at which point it just briefly flashes the lowest-power LED...
  6. cdface

    What a delightfully strange college sports forum we have....

    ...where these were your five most recently updated threads as of a few moments ago: The best part is the coincidental interplay between the topics themselves. I love this place. Never change, CF!
  7. cdface

    Morris and Niang 1st Team All-Big 12 according to CBS/Sam Vecenie

    Didn't see this posted anywhere yet: We'll have to see if the coaches agree, but I'd like to think so!
  8. cdface

    USBWA All-Americans

    No Cyclones, as most would probably have expected... 2014-15 USBWA MEN'S ALL-AMERICA TEAM Pos. First Team Ht. Wt. Yr. Hometown F Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky 7-0 240 Jr. Olathe, Kan. Sixth...