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  1. discydisc

    Iowa Beers Release/Distribution Thread

    I didn't realize they were canning on that big of a scale, other half has some great beers, i've never been that impressed with sweetwater's offerings.
  2. discydisc

    Casey’s Logo

    Sorry, please tell me more about the delicious chicken tenders from the gas station
  3. discydisc

    Casey’s Logo

    If you're eating gas station food on a regular basis you might want to reevaluate your diet.
  4. discydisc

    Metronet vs Mediacom

    We live in rural Story county where they only hardwired internet available to us is DSL from Windstream, we got a cellular hotspot from T-Mobile in February, 50$ a month, unlimited data and 150 MB download speed. Would highly recommend.
  5. discydisc

    Best & Worst Traditions

    or just felonies in general...
  6. discydisc

    2021 Stock Market

    Time for a new wife.
  7. discydisc

    2021 Stock Market

    Not Gamestop!?!?
  8. discydisc

    2021 Stock Market

    What impact do you think the 1.9 trillion stimulus (1400$ check round) will have? What's the safest hedge against these inflationary policies?
  9. discydisc

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    Don't feel the need to apologize, some people just like to complain about everything and you certainly don't owe them anything. You and Ross have a great chemistry and I am glad we didn't lose you two on the public airways a little over a year ago. Cheers to many more episodes and thank you for...
  10. discydisc

    Vaccine reactions

    1st Moderna just a sore arm, no other noticeable reaction. 2nd shot Wednesday, started getting chills after about 12 hours, went on a rollercoaster of chills and sweats for about 24 hours with body aches and head aches. Pretty much back to normal after 48 hours other than a mild headache when...
  11. discydisc

    Morel Mushrooms?

    No, the stem should not protrude into the cap, easier to ID if cut in half, but you can see the stem going into the cap on the one on the right.
  12. discydisc

    Friday OT #2 - If You Don't Eat Your Meat...

    Pot pies (the frozen store bought kind)
  13. discydisc

    ZTR mower recommendation needed

    Wow that's pretty slick, would be nice to get away from gas. My uncle was just telling me about how his ryobi electic chainsaw almost burned down his garage though...
  14. discydisc

    Tree Issue

    I would plan on new trees, if there is a continuous section of bark (around the circumference) the tree will die in a year or two. You will likely get a bunch of shoots from around the base.
  15. discydisc

    Feeling It

  16. discydisc

    Feeling It

  17. discydisc

    ***Among Us Mafia***

    Sounds like the time consuming part was taking everyone's moves, cross referencing them and then getting reports out.
  18. discydisc

    ***Among Us Mafia***

    Add this to the things that went right over my head as a kid....
  19. discydisc

    ***Among Us Mafia***

    This should have been a red flag: It's not like you're @JM4CY @ImJustKCClone This was a lot of fun @bsaltyman thanks for hosting! I think the only change I would have made would be to allow the imposters a double day kill every other day. I think the innos were bound to win on tasks if...
  20. discydisc

    2021 Stock Market

    So when will shares actually be available, indicative price is now 360?