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  1. CyArob

    Iowa State Rivals article

    I was trying to figure out why it had the Texas series as 2-14, then looked at the date on the article. 4-14 is much better!
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    Kene Nwangwu getting PAID, drafted 4th round

    Hopefully he'll be returning kicks this fall!
  4. CyArob

    ***Official 2021 Vikings***

    That's.... a pick
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    Alright, which one of you guys is applying?

    Seneca. Wallace.
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    Why does my tap water smell like chlorine?

    No that's the hog farmers
  7. CyArob

    Feeling It

    420 blazin
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    How was your day?

    Myth: Three Americans every year die from rabies. Fact: Four Americans every year die from rabies.
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    Eli chooses, Fran loses

  10. CyArob

    Eli chooses, Fran loses

  11. CyArob

    Vaccine reactions

    The J&J shot is the redhead stepchild of covid vaccines
  12. CyArob

    If Austin Powers was made today

    Oh dear
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    Cheese isn't healthy. Flame on
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    Williams & Blum Pod: The rebuild is on

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    Caleb Grill is Returning to Iowa State

    His Defensive Box Plus/Minus was down 0.2 last year. Concerning.
  16. CyArob

    Wrestling Town Hall

    Excellent, although I'm not sure Degen will ever get back to his AA form
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    ***Among Us Mafia***

    rescind cyfan21, vote 2015
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    ***Among Us Mafia***

    Rescind gblade, vote cyfan21