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  1. ribsnwhiskey

    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    Curtis Stinson came from the Winchendon School.
  2. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis

    Its negative because one guy is crying about facilities and another is a racist. They mucked up the entire thread.
  3. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis

    The coach came here fully aware of what the facilities were. If he is going to leave after 2 years because we haven't built a Wimbledon style facility yet, you're right, I don't care, because he obviously doesn't either.
  4. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis Feel free to compare Kansas' and our budget, bro. For 2019, $26 million in revenue difference, $21 million in contribution difference. That pays for a lot of tennis courts.
  5. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis

    I get it. But who's paying for it? Do you want Matt Campbell, or a bigger tennis facility?
  6. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis

    You're a ******* clown.
  7. ribsnwhiskey

    Fran McCaffrey new Transfer Portal Move

  8. ribsnwhiskey

    Sweet Potatoes - Good or Bad

    They are a travesty and should be bred out of existence.
  9. ribsnwhiskey

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    PFF loved Montgomery even though he didn't have the gaudiest stats. I think they rate based on tackles broken or some shiz.
  10. ribsnwhiskey

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    The bridge bid date is May 27th with substantial completion date of August 2022. Hilton renovations bid date is set for April 2022 so that project is still a ways off. Hopefully they can start it after a successful first season under TJ and some momentum. I do think they will continue to work...
  11. ribsnwhiskey

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Sounds good. You be the lead donor.
  12. ribsnwhiskey

    ISU Tennis

    There hasn’t been any serious $$$ investments in any of the minor sports since the track and softball stadiums. What really needs to happen is a facilities plan for all minor sports. I don’t think Jamie has any plans to do that right now. Especially with the budget issues due to the pandemic...
  13. ribsnwhiskey

    How good we Jerry Moses?

    How good do we Jerry Moses?
  14. ribsnwhiskey

    Izaiah Brockington commits

    What optics? Does anyone outside of a few touchy people in this fanbase care?
  15. ribsnwhiskey

    New Hok Prez

    Always taking UIUC's sloppy seconds :jimlad:
  16. ribsnwhiskey

    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    Biggest win of the season for you guys.
  17. ribsnwhiskey

    What in the world....
  18. ribsnwhiskey

    cream puffs ...

    I hope you can get all your friends and family who think its a scam to get vaccinated then. Assuming you are also.
  19. ribsnwhiskey

    One lucky coin for ISU fans

  20. ribsnwhiskey

    Tristan Enaruna Commits

    Actually, Tim Floyd's recruiting class with Marcus Fizer was either #1 or #2 in the nation at the time (1998). There were like 9 guys in it but still.