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  1. ISUTex

    Utah Jazz

    SIAP Holy cow. Great job Mr. Pilot. Plane scare
  2. ISUTex

    Coach Matt's gum chewing.

    I just want to put this out there. I watched his post game/zoom conference. Was he chewing on a giant piece of Silly Puddy or what? My God, he puts Kirk to shame on the chawing. LOL.....
  3. ISUTex

    Nick Saban Covid

    What are the odds he gets three straight negative results before Sat? SIAP.
  4. ISUTex

    Was iHeart Radio hacked?

    Or was it just me? unibomber for president? WTF????
  5. ISUTex

    2020 Chicago Bears Thread

    Why isn't there a Bears thread? Well, I'm starting one. :p I mean, there is a freaking Vikings thread. The Vikings? Go Bears!!
  6. ISUTex

    That was awesome!!

    We lost. But, holy balls!!!!! That was a great game!!!! Go Cyclones!! Very proud.
  7. ISUTex

    Hey Coach, try this maybe.

  8. ISUTex

    ISU recruit in AA game

    Did I hear somewhere that Brock is in the AA game? Is that correct?
  9. ISUTex

    No DM first half next week? No sweat.

    We have a stable of RB's that can get the job done for the first 2 quarters, and studs at QB and WR. He'll just be fresh and in beast mode come second half. o_O
  10. ISUTex

    Is Iowa State the only reason the squawks are still ranked?

    Seriously, why are they still ranked? Who have they beaten besides ISU? Watching Game Day and looking at Big 10 West standings. Iowa is the only team ranked in that division. Yet they are 2 games out, and in 4th place. I think the committee keeps teams ranked (Iowa, Penn State, Boston...
  11. ISUTex

    Tuawm Braidee. SIAP

    The video of him kissing his son on the lips. Uh, WTF?????? I mean, I've seen people peck their kids on the lips, but holy cripes, what was that? Your thoughts?
  12. ISUTex

    Jamell McKay

    Do something besides stand around with a ******* ponytail. Holy Cripes, get in the ******* game man.
  13. ISUTex

    Andy Fails needs to give up the "What's Buggin Andy"

    It's grown tired, and it sucks. Fonzi jumped a shark, and Andy Fails just fails at sports.
  14. ISUTex

    I have a bit of a soft spot for Dickie V, but

    He had a list of his top point guards during the Iowa/Indiana game. WHAT THE ****?!?!?!?!?!? He obviously pays absolutely no attention to the Big 12 unless it's Kansas or Buddy Hield.
  15. ISUTex


    Monte Morris's combined Big 12 Tournament stats. Fu##ing legendary. Man Man. Look em up. Not too shabby.
  16. ISUTex

    WSU top 10?

    I bet they only drop to 9 or 10 if the mighty Redbirds hold on for the last 30 seconds. Overrated. :yes: Would love to see WSU in ISU's bracket.
  17. ISUTex

    Apology to Matt Thomas.

    after OU I said he was an average player, and not a very good shooter. I was wrong. Boy am I glad I was wrong :rolleyes:
  18. ISUTex

    Watching replay

    Somebody please find a photo of Naz flashing the "Threezus" sign, while Fran is standing next to him flashing the "WTF?" pose. It was right before the comm break 4 minutes into the second half. Freaking priceless.
  19. ISUTex

    Edozie and/or Gibson

    Must put their big boy pants on and start contributing. Otherwise, what a freaking waste of two 6'9/athletic kids.
  20. ISUTex

    Naz Long

    I was reading a thread about Naz Long's role this upcoming season. I didn't really know much about him, other than watching him a little on TV last season, and from what I've seen in the CCL. I think he's going to be a heck of a player at ISU before it's all said and done. I didn't realize...