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  1. Skyh13

    Considering switching from Android to iPhone

    I have been a pretty faithful Android user from early on, but lately I'm feeling a little... jaded, with regards to Google's stuff. I'm getting sick of receiving what feels like also-ran treatment, between my phones which are regularly abandoned by the manufacturer within 6 months to a year of...
  2. Skyh13

    Fundraiser for UI Children's Hospital

    Fellow CF'ers, Tomorrow I will be participating in the Extra Life Gaming Marathon, a fundraiser on behalf of member hospitals of the Children’s Miracle Network. More specifically, being out here in eastern Iowa, I am raising money for our local member hospital, the University of Iowa...
  3. Skyh13

    Looking for a new phone

    Fellow CFers, I'm looking at buying a new phone to replace my current Galaxy Nexus (I'll be traveling overseas and the Galaxy Nexus doesn't have any GSM radios so it isn't global-ready). At the moment it's pretty much between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, since those are both global and on...
  4. Skyh13

    Charity Gaming Marathon

    Hey there Fanatics, This coming Saturday I'm participating in the 2013 Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon (Play Games. Heal Kids. | Extra Life - DonorDrive®) to support Children's Miracle Network hospitals. It's a 25-hour marathon (we get an extra hour from the time change), and it's exactly...
  5. Skyh13

    New Dubuque Brewery on Kickstarter

    Saw a poster around town for this last weekend: Jubeck New World Brewing Co. CSB by Jay Jubeck — Kickstarter I'm glad to see they made their goal, although I'm not sure what exactly that amount of money gets them. I think it'd be great for Dubuque to have its own local craft brews...
  6. Skyh13

    Gamewatch in Dubuque?

    I just moved to Dubuque today, and consequently will be without non-mobile internet for a couple of weeks (because mediacom sucks.. but I digress..) I have heard about places streaming the game in Des Moines, any chance of a place around here? Go Cyclones!!
  7. Skyh13

    Places to live in Dubuque

    Fellow CF'ers I will soon be moving to Dubuque, and although I've been looking at places on the internet at large and craigslist, I wanted to ask if anyone had any particular suggestions on good places/areas to live. (I'm looking to rent) Thanks!
  8. Skyh13

    Creative Jobs in Waterloo/Cedar Valley Area?

    Hey all, my girlfriend is considering trying to move to the area, but she's having a hard time finding much interesting looking work on the internet for here. So I thought I might turn to some real people out there an see if anybody knows anything, or perhaps knows someone or has any...
  9. Skyh13

    Home Theater PC and Mediacom

    Have any of you out there ever run a Home Theater PC on Mediacom digital cable? (meaning, running the Cable through your PC) I've considered doing it, the big question is whether or not I would be able to still access all of my channels like I do with the cable box now (which, btw, is not a...
  10. Skyh13

    Place to eat in CF/Waterloo like Cafe Somerset in Ames?

    I just moved to Waterloo about a month and a half ago, and I'm hoping to find some good local places to eat -- specifically, I'm wondering if there's a place here similar to The Cafe in Somerset in Ames? I know there aren't going to be a lot of places like that anywhere, but I figured I'd ask...
  11. Skyh13

    Article on Big XII Site about WBB Tourny

    Saw this article on the front page of the Big XII website. Talks a pretty decent amount about both Nebraska and ISU. Plenty Of Everything - Big 12 Conference - Official Athletic Site Here are some selections:
  12. Skyh13

    I'm torn...

    ...between Google Chrome and Firefox.:tongue: But seriously.. they're both fast, although Chrome has gotten REALLY fast since the last time I tried it -- both GUI and internet wise. Really makes Firefox seem kinda bulky with how smooth it runs. The internet loading is surprising, because a...
  13. Skyh13

    New city housing code?

    Anybody see this today in the Daily? A new housing code for the City of Ames that's been in the works: New rental housing code could raise rent My girlfriend pointed it out. This looks all fine and dandy, and was probably needed... but I want to point out the first "highlight" point at the...
  14. Skyh13

    Interesting take on college education..

    America's Most Overrated Product: the Bachelor's Degree - I will say, however, I completely agree with the part about universities being a business..
  15. Skyh13

    Hey band people!

    Hey everyone -- If you belong to a section other than the trumpets, would you mind PM'ing me your listserv address? I'm trying to contact people in other sections and I don't know any of the listserv emails. Thanks!
  16. Skyh13

    Madrigal Dinner

    Okay, shameless plug time! I'm promoting the 'Madrigal Dinner', which will be going on this Friday and Saturday Night, beginning at 5:30 (fanfare for dinner at 6:30) Iowa State University Department of Music In case any of you aren't familiar with it, the Madrigal Dinner is a night of...
  17. Skyh13

    Ubuntu and ISU E-mail

    Okay, this might be kind of a long shot, but here it goes.. Have any of you out there tried retrieving your ISU e-mail by using a mail client on Linux (preferably something similar to Ubuntu). I've tried and have had ZERO success, despite the horribly Linux distro specific and awful...
  18. Skyh13

    CNN Democrat Debate

    Alright everyone, lets hear it: what are your thoughts? A few of my opinions after watching it: - At first, only one word came to mind... "PATHETIC" - Joe Biden gets the "Actually Answered the Questions Asked" award - Hillary Clinton wins the "Award for Dodging the Most Questions" - Bill...
  19. Skyh13


    Okay, so here's a crazy theory, but bear with me... Alright, so, we have this mascot poll, right? Two schools with fans ready to vote till their fingers are numb. So, people start voting. And voting... and voting. Lots of votes! All this voting, phew... that poor, single poll script that CBS...
  20. Skyh13

    Most Dominant Mascot - Round 3

    Well everyone, we pulled out a good victory against CCU, now onto the 3rd round against Drexel! Most Dominant College Mascot on Earth: Cyclones vs. Dragons - CBS So lets get to it! Oh, and just as a reminder.. Clearing your Cookies: OKAY Writing a script: BAD Alright! Beat...