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    Tulsa NCAA Tickets

    Surprised to see that there are a lot of reasonably priced tickets for Friday night in Tulsa. I also heard that ISU had not sold their entire allotment. Are fans waiting and hoping for KC?
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    Team having fun!

    Was looking at Luke Lu's photo from last night and the thing that jumped out at me was how much fun and the non-stop smiles on the guys, even the guys that were suspended. They have talked a lot about how close this group is, but looking at these pics reinforced it for me...
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    UI Point Guard

    There seems to be a lot of angst (rightfully so) on the recruiting of the point guard position over there. I wonder if Fran wants to recruit a high level point guard that could beat out his son for minutes. In the time I watched Conner I thought of him as a Mid-Major level player, so bringing...
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    ISU Commit Fuerebach hits winner for Nat'l Championship

    In the Championship game of the Nike Nationals in Chicago Kylie Fuerebach calmly drains a 3 at the buzzer to win the VERY PRESTIGIOUS Nike Nationals in Chicago. Among the spectators at the game was Kevin Durant. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">She called...
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    Bridget C - Canada Basketball

    In the first of 3 exhibition games for the Canadian National Team Bridget tied for the team lead with 14 points and 4-5 from 3 and 2-2 FT in their 78-45 win. The games are streamed live on YouTube. They play again on Friday and Saturday.
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    Ashley Joens named to Jordan Brands Classic

    HUGE Honor for her - Played April 8 at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, NY
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    ISU Commit vs ISU Target in Des Moines

    Anyone in the Des Moines area that is not attending the MBB game ISU Commit Lexi Donarski's Aquinos Team is playing at Dowling today (2/10/18) at 1 pm against Caitlin Clark's Dowling team. Should be a really good game and a great measuring stick for Donarski as Clark is rated as the best player...
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    Terrible ISU WBB Alumni News

    Monica Huelman Zaruba passes away. Hit maybe the biggest shot in ISU History.
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    WBB Tourney 2020

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">We are thrilled to be returning to Kansas City in 2020! <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#HiltonSouth</a> <a...
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    MBB Walkon

    Anyone know the connection with the MBB for Jack Hutchinson? Watched Cap City games last night and wondered what the connection was with him and the University?
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    Transfer IN

    By the sounds of things on twitter ISU will be getting Alexa Middleton, a transfer from Tennessee. She led UT in made 3 pointers last year and shot about 39%. She is a sit one play one.
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    Maggie McGraw Highlight Tape

    Was looking for highlights of new commits and came across this highlight tape of Maggie McGraws game against CB Lincoln were she had 36 points (12 of 12 from the floor, 10 of 10 from 3).
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    Register Coverage

    I know we all like to complain about the register but their coverage of ISU WBB has been non-existent. For media day was a small article without pictures. Today Iowa and ISU WBB both played exhibition games and when I looked at the Register at my office (I refuse to pay for it at home), Iowa...
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    Nia Washington Playing on ESPNU on Fri 4/1 10am CT

    ISU Signee Nia Washington and her Riverdale Baptist team play tomorrow morning in the ****'s Sporting Goods Classic on ESPNU. If they win that they play in the Championship game on Sat from Madison Square Garden on ESPNU.
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    Retiring Jerseys

    I saw the thread about retiring Ejim's jersey and thought I would pass this along. I talked to someone in the athletic department and they said the administration had put together a list of criteria for retiring a jersey. They said it is very unlikely that we would have another WBB player's...
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    Bridget Carleton Named To Canada’s Junior National Team

    Congrats to Bridget!
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    Meredith Burkhall

    Has decided to be a CYCLONE - Monster class coming in next year for ISU
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    Bridget Carlson - Team Canada

    Bridget Carlton - Team Canada ISU WBB Recruit Bridget Carlton will be competing in the FIBA U17 World Championships starting today. I Think all games are going to be streamed live on the website under the U17 Women World Championships. They play Hungary today at I think 1:15 CST.
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    Future B12 WBB Tournament Sites

    According to the article tweeted by Coach Steyer moving the tournament back to being at the same time / same city is back in play after the 2016 WBB tourney in OKC.
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    Kentuck vs Delaware WBB

    Watching Kentucky and Delaware Sweet 16 game and it is a big example of what is wrong with WBB today. Kentucky holds, grabs, pushes and fouls non-stop. Delaware plays the game the right way and the referees after a couple of minutes decide they can't call everything so they call NOTHING...