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    Turnover King... Mike Taylor

    Sorry if anyone has posted this already but I thought a few would be interested to know that Mike Taylor is leading the nation in turnovers per game. Here's the link: I don't want to...
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    National ISU coverage

    I know this is of little importance but Iowa State hiring one of the hottest coaching prospects in the country is front page news on while it isn't on I already prefer over ESPN but this just gives me another reason to ignore ESPN. Yeah, maybe I do have a chip on my...
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    DM Register: No resignation yet

    According to the DM Rag and the man himself, Dan has not been asked to resign.
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    Info on freshmen???

    Has anyone heard anything about the development of players like Zac Sandvig or Kris Means?
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    Ellis Hobbs getting attention...

    Peter King gave Ellis Hobbs some love in his Monday Morning Quarterback article today. It sounds like Ellis is going to make us all proud. King also mentions the loss of Reggie Hayward and calls him one of the NFL's best guys. Link to article (Hobbs on page 6, Hayward on page 5)...
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    Home uniforms?

    Will we be wearing the cardinal jersey/cardinal pants combo for our home games this year? If so, why? I think going with the white pants is a much more classic look. The white pants will definitely look a lot better on "Sportscenter"!