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  1. Cyinthenorth

    The Next Iowa MBB coach signs 8 year extension with Drake With Fran signed thru 2028, this seems about as telegraphed as TJ to ISU does it not?
  2. Cyinthenorth

    Are the freshmen any good?

    Or has Steve saddled us with big guards that are athletic, but don't shoot well, rebound, or have good hands? They have all had a couple chances now to show what they can do, but they look so lost. So over matched. Is this just freshmen figuring out a learning curve, or is this what Grill...
  3. Cyinthenorth

    Rank the Freshmen

    I think it's clear at this point in the season that Keegan Bill Murray is the best FR playing for either squad right now. After that how would you stack them up? Here's mine: 1 Ke. Murray 2 J. Walker 3. D. Dubar 4. Blackwell 5. Foster (would be higher, tough with the injury) 6. Perkins 7...
  4. Cyinthenorth

    Soehner got rocked

    Apologies, if I wasn't at work I'd look into this a bit further. A friend of mine recently sent me a tik tok of the game Saturday where Dylan was lined up in the slot and Brock motions him to the opposite side. Just as Dylan is jogging past the LT the ball is snapped and Dylan runs into an...
  5. Cyinthenorth

    Would be nice to wear Cardinal in the Fiesta Bowl

    I get it, the black ones look great and the players love them. Just listened to CW's pod with Jaimie and the Oregon AD, Jamie says black will be worn Saturday, even though Oregon wanted to wear black. ISU is home team, so they got first dibs. It's all fine and Dandy, but at what point do...
  6. Cyinthenorth

    NBA League Pass

    Anybody use this? I am trying to subscribe so I can watch more of Haliburton, Georges, Monte and others this year, but apparently it isn't available yet, even though the season is 2 weeks or so away.
  7. Cyinthenorth

    How good can this team be?

    A lot of newcomers, so a lot of unknown. Kind of difficult to project. Hinson being out certainly caps the potential, but to what extent? So many open-ended questions surround this season. Will it even play out to its entirety? Media outlets everywhere have us no higher than 7th in Big 12...
  8. Cyinthenorth

    Spencer Tillman in love with the Oklahoma State Defense, hates our team

    I can't be the only one listening to the fox sports broadcast on Saturday that heard Tillman heaping praise upon Oklahoma States defense for being "so much more athletic" than their Iowa State counterparts. I feel like 1) he was usually referring to their d line vs our o line more often than...
  9. Cyinthenorth

    Brock Purdy's ISU future (pertaining to Covid 19)

    I wanted to open this up for conversation. Let's say covid 19 cancels the 2020 college football season. All players on Iowa State's (or any other school) roster will probably be granted another year of eligibility. What will happen with guys like Brock Purdy who have NFL pedigree but don't have...
  10. Cyinthenorth

    Calling all Auto Insurance Experts

    I've been shopping around for awhile, simply because Progressive started to fleece me after a little one car accident I had on an icy road in Feb of '19. The best quote I've gotten is from GEICO. Now, the kicker is I don't have a GEICO insurance agent anywhere remotely close to Dubuque, where I...
  11. Cyinthenorth

    JUCO G Keon Ellis offered

    Per Jared Stansbury. I'm at work and can't link, if anyone can help me out with that. 6'4'' combo guard from Florida Southwestern. Stats include 40% from 3 and 80% FT this past season.
  12. Cyinthenorth

    What teams are getting robbed the worst?

    Taking into consideration seniors, one-and-done's or guys that are certainly turning pro, coaches, teams having breakout seasons, "little" guys who may have been earning their first ever bid to the madness, and the like, what schools should have the biggest beef about the Tournament getting...
  13. Cyinthenorth

    Arch Madness 2020: Drake's March to the Madness

    Arch Madness is one of the best mid-major tournaments this time of year. The Missouri Valley Conference is routinely one of the best Mid Major Conferences as well, having graduated several of its members to larger conferences. Here is what you need to know for this year's conference tournament...
  14. Cyinthenorth

    Check Engine Light Came On

    I got off work last night, and the wife wanted pizza. I ordered it from my Little Caesar's App and walked out to the car to drive over. It's not far from where I work, so 3 minutes later I'm parked in front of Little Caesar's. The place is walk in only, and I've still got 15-20ish minutes to...
  15. Cyinthenorth

    Hy-Vee Dollar Fresh Not sure if there's a thread on it yet, but hy vee is buying up shuttered shopko stores in small towns and turning them into smaller scale versions of the real deal. Not really a big deal, but kind of...
  16. Cyinthenorth

    Haliburton NBA

    I love Tyrese and absolutely think he should go if his stock remains so high... But what on earth are these scouts watching? There are ZERO NBA- ready guys on this roster. If Tyrese is only as good as the sum of the teams parts, that's fine, he'll be solid on an NBA team... but is that...
  17. Cyinthenorth

    Buying NBA tickets

    Trying to get some friends together to go up to a Bucks/76ers game early next year in Milwaukee. Originally just a couple of us were going, nosebleed seats were around 60 bucks. We gained a few more guys and our ranks have swollen to 5, and the price for the same seats went up to 100 per...
  18. Cyinthenorth

    Wigginton: Out of Control or hated by refs?

    So many times last night and this season, Wigginton would gut out a tough drive to the basket. I'm not talking about the drives where he would bounce the ball off his foot, or lose control of the ball before getting to the hoop. I'm talking about the drives where he would literally beat his...
  19. Cyinthenorth

    Wide Receivers next year

    Let's say hypothetically Hakeem Butler is gone this year. We also lose Matt Eaton (6'4'') and Carson Epps (non-factor the last couple years). I look at the WR who are left on the current roster and I instantly wonder who will replace our big physical receivers on the outside. Since Allen Lazard...
  20. Cyinthenorth

    Concerns about the Defense at all?

    With their being enough threads out there about the fighting/ejections/potential suspensions etc, I haven't been able to dig deep enough to find any real mention or discussion about a less-than-stellar defensive effort yesterday. Yes, Baylor only scored 14 points. Yes, our guys stood firm in...