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    Tyrese Haliburton injures left knee ...

    Another possible reason for the delay could be that the MRI was done in Dallas and I doubt their ortho guys travel with them so they want to have their docs review the test before releasing any results. At this point with only a couple weeks left in the season I would doubt we will see him...
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    My guess is that is for personal use of a school plane that is billed by the hour / mile or something like that.
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    Fran losing multiple players!

    Academic All-State in basketball that year was a head scratcher too. They released the list of who was on on the team and no Conner - but magically when they introduced them at the state tournament he had been added???
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    Very true - but Kim seems to have a large ego and has been the top bear in Waco for a while. I just think the MBB win may lead her to consider a move.
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    She is now likely in the back seat behind Scott Drew. MBB Nat'l Champs >> 3X WBB Nat'l Champs and more current.
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    Iowa State, Memphis, Virginia Tech, and Xavier will headline the 2021 Preseason NIT.

    I would not think that he preseason NIT would interfere with a Thanksgiving holiday tournament.
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    Madison Wise grad transferring

    I believe she wants a MBA and I don't think you can get accepted into the program at ISU without 2=3 years of relevant real world experience.
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    NCAA in the Supreme Court

    There is a conflict here too with law as it was ruled illegal when college basketball used to have the restricted earnings coach that was designed as an entry level position but had a cap on what they could earn and was consistent for all schools. The courts ruled that it was illegal to have...
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    Twister Sister Summary - Season ends in the worst way

    Also - no one seems to recognize that the team we played was 25-2 and the regular season SEC champs. They are an exceptional team. The regular season finale a year ago against Baylor was celebrated as one of the top accomplishments in ISU WBB history. If the foul would not have been called at...
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    On to next year

    I think Chelsea Poppins would be the last true power post we had.
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    By that standard what would they say about Steyer who shot 50% from three for his career at ISU.
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    Christie Martens is the Head Women's Golf Coach
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    Twister Sister Summary - they just got it done

    I think a lot of the shot distribution had to do with the defense Donarski played on Clouden - she just did not allow her a lot of freedom or ability to get looks at the basket - and did it without fouling!!
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    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    The local media coverage mirrors this - updates daily on Drake and IA men's teams in NCAA but not a mention of the two WBB teams.
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    The 2021 NCAA WBB Tournament Discussion Thread (Go Cyclones!)

    If her husband was the ISU head coach and with three kids I really doubt Allison would have the time or desire to do this. Also she has not shown any inclination to get into the coaching profession. No Offense - but it always surprises me to see former players (men and women) that have not...
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    WBB: Miscellaneous Thread for 2020-21 Season

    I think Warren from Texas is one of the dirtiest players in basketball, She undercuts people all of the time, the shot she put on DiDi was awful and then she fouls her again at the end and throws herself on the floor. She constantly runs into other players, grabs people on screens etc. What...
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    WBB: West Virginia at Hilton 6:30 p.m. ESPN+

    I have seen this in both the Men's and Women's game (Jay Bilas is the leader of the battle against this). The new thing being taught is to keep your hands up and just body them as hard as you can. Unfortunately officials are so used to looking for contact with the hands that they let most of...
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    Anyone else hearing that JP has already decided Prohm is coming back?

    If he is staying I would wonder if it was in conjunction with a major staff shake up. If that is the case any statements along those lines would not come until the end of the season.
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    WOW - Will be REALLY interesting what the Big 10 does here - when basically two players are openly questioning and being critical of an official and officiating in general - they will have to do something. I am guessing they will get some sort of public reprimand but will want to see what...
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Walker missed a ton of time rehabbing his knee - maybe he is just getting physically able to play any meaningful minutes.