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  1. Statefan10

    Indiana Men’s Basketball Twitter Account Trolls the Trolls

    I thought this was very well done.
  2. Statefan10

    Brock Purdy listed on Heartland College Sports “Top 10 Big 12 QBs Since Conference Realignment”

    As a Cyclone fan it was pretty cool to see Brock come in on this list as he’s ! For those that don’t want to read / click on the article, the list is as follows: 1. Baker Mayfield 2. Kyler Murray 3. Patrick Mahomes 4. Landry Jones 5. Mason Rudolph 6. Trevone Boykin 7. Collin Klein 8. Will Grier...
  3. Statefan10

    Urban Meyer to Texas??

    Yes, I know, probably not.. BUT there are a lot of Texas fans on social media and their message boards claiming otherwise. Rumors flying around left and right that if Herman loses this weekend he's getting fired and Urban will take over next year.
  4. Statefan10

    Oregon and Oregon State agree to remove 'Civil War' moniker from rivalry across all sports I thought this was something interesting to talk about and get some other's thoughts on. The best response I saw on Twitter was an Oregon Duck fan saying...
  5. Statefan10

    "Hawkeyes serious National Title contenders for 2020-2021 season

    I was doing a quick google search trying to figure out how the visit went for Iowa's potential grad transfer, and stumbled upon this article written a week ago by Andrew Wade of dearoldgold.. He was discussing how Jamari Sibley had included the Hawks in his final 10 schools, how the majority of...