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  1. AgronAlum

    Refinishing a Worn Deck

    We’ve got a worn deck that I’d like to get a few more years out of before replacing because the plan is to add on when/if lumber prices come back down. (Unless my wife talks me into doing a paver patio which sounds like waaay too much work) Has anyone used a product like Pittsburgh Revitalize...
  2. AgronAlum

    Tree Issue

    We’ve got a crabapple in the front yard that is losing its bark on the main portions of the trunk and branches. Any suggestions? Earl May basically said if there are holes, they can do something and if there isn’t, it’s probably a fungus and they cannot. The dude didn’t really look at the...
  3. AgronAlum


    Anyone have some first hand experience with Volvo? I’m looking at pulling the trigger on an S90 to drive back and forth to work. It would be an alternative family car (my wife’s traverse serves that purpose first). I’ve always liked the style of Volvo but you just don’t see them anywhere.
  4. AgronAlum


    First off, I almost refused to watch this because of the name. Conspirasea. It was right there. Outside of that, while I’m not surprised with a lot of things in the documentary. I did leave it wondering if people should be eating seafood in mass quantities like we are. I was surprised to see...
  5. AgronAlum


    The Lacrosse we own is the first sedan I’ve owned in my 20 years of driving and I need some tire advice. I’m looking for tire recommendations on the mid to lower end. It drives ~30 thousand miles a year but never really in bad weather. It has, what I assume, are the original Kelley tires which...
  6. AgronAlum

    Life Insurance

    Those of you that don’t get enough or any through your employer, who do you go through? Is somewhere like Policy Genius a good option? I always had a good policy with my previous employer where a years salary was free and another 200k was like 8 or 9 bucks. My current employer has a 25k policy...
  7. AgronAlum

    HVAC Question

    With the coming new addition to our family, we had to move our oldest to the basement. It’s a 400 sq ft area with one vent. When the previous owners finished it, they routed the vent seen in the picture below. The trouble is, the T off the line produces almost 0 air flow into the room. I...
  8. AgronAlum

    Sane People End of Regular Season Discussion

    We were special teams away from having a nearly perfect season. As it stands, it’s still the best season in Cyclone history. We’ve come a loooong ways folks. Excited for the bowl game and what’s beyond.
  9. AgronAlum

    Kids and Santa

    When did your kids figure out Santa isn’t real? I’ve got an 8 year old third grader that’s still all in on Santa and stuff like elf on the shelf. I feel like this might be the last year but to be honest, he’s gullible enough to believe anything, so who knows. After this many years, I’m running...
  10. AgronAlum

    Dumbest Sale You’ve Ever Made

    Goes along with the dumbest purchase thread. A pretty decently modified Jeep Wrangler and a 95 Silverado for a combined 4500 bucks because I needed to ditch them before I moved 10 years ago. I sold them the day before I moved because I couldn’t make the trip with them. The Jeep was a Sahara and...
  11. AgronAlum

    Egress Window

    Has anyone tackled an egress window on their own? It looks like a kit at menards is around 700 bucks. I can get ahold of a concrete saw through a friend and probably an excavator through work (I’m thinking probably 200 a day if I have to rent one). I’m worried about cutting the wall with the...
  12. AgronAlum

    Work Boots

    After burning through another pair of Danners in about 9 months, I’m looking for some recommendations on work/daily wear boots. I’m getting sick of buying 150-200 dollar plus boots every year when my main job is at a desk. I walk fields certain times of the year (need waterproof) and do some...
  13. AgronAlum

    The Social Dilemma

    Has anyone watched this? It really sheds light into what’s going on with people, especially the younger generations, in regards to social media and real world behavior. They touched on it lightly but the statistics behind self harm and suicide in younger people and the onset of social media is...
  14. AgronAlum

    Best Convenience Store

    I thought I’d start a poll from something that came up in another thread. In my opinion the midwest, specifically Iowa, has the best convenience stores in the country. I’ve lived in areas with the likes of Thornton’s, Marathons, Shells, 7-11, etc. and the usual Iowa stores like Kwik Star, QT...
  15. AgronAlum

    Uber Self Driving Car Operator Charged with Homicide This is going to be a weird trial to follow with the inevitable future of self driving cars. It’s laying a precedent for who is liable for accidents.
  16. AgronAlum

    Neighborhood Cats

    Should house cats in urban/suburban areas be allowed to roam free outside of the owners property?
  17. AgronAlum

    Who’s still going into work?

    I’m curious how many are still going into their office and what do you do? Agriculture here and things have actually gotten busier since COVID-19 showed up.
  18. AgronAlum

    Streaming TV No Sports

    So now that sports are pretty much cancelled across the board, what are the better streaming services where you don't have to pay for ESPN? I’ve seen Philo but is that it?
  19. AgronAlum

    Mediacom TV

    My father in law called and wants me to set up a TV in his garage. I haven’t dealt with Mediacom TV in like a decade. Is there a way to get mediacom without running coax? I see you can get it through your phone, tablet, etc but can you get it through Roku or FireTV? Do they have wireless boxes?
  20. AgronAlum

    Child Stars

    It’s crazy how many of them go off the rails yet parents keep seeing the dollars. The latest from the one and only Goldberg. Dude is only 41 in that picture.