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    Hulu/Fear the Walking Dead question

    I've been seriously thinking of binge watch Fear the Walking Dead. I haven't seen any of the episodes. I don't know if it's possible to binge watch all 6 seasons during a weeklong free trial on Hulu or if it's even worth the effort. Obviously, I don't already have Hulu, but I haven't used my...
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    Resident Alien

    Anybody watching this new series on the Sy-Fy channel. The pilot was on Friday night. It looks interesting so far, but I don't know how long they can sustain my interest. I wish they would have picked a different actor to play the alien. Not very impressed with him.
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    Grass fed vs. Corn fed beef

    I've seen a lot of discussion on this topic of late and even watched a video by some butcher brothers comparing the two. Nearly everyone seems to think grass fed beef is the best, even the two butcher brothers, who said grass fed beef has a stronger beef taste than corn fed, whatever that means...
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    10 most irreplaceable Cyclones

    I gotta say, I disagree with Stanz's inclusion of Chase Allen on that list. I'm a huge Chase Allen fan, but I think you ignored your own selection process when you said you were going by production and depth at the position. TE is one of the deepest positions on the team and Campbell himself has...
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    Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

    I would not put it past the Chinese government to introduce a new virus to its citizens in order to "thin the herd."
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    Trouble logging in

    For about a month now (about the last Firefox update) I can't log into this site from Firefox. I am apparently logged out AGAIN on that browser despite clicking the box that says keep me logged in. I've always been able to log back in. But now when I go to Firefox, which is my go-to browser...
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    Official dumb criminals thread

    Case in the local paper of a woman who used to work at a smoke shop who came back to rob the place. A woman she used to work with was working that day. The would-be robber came in wearing a hat and sun glasses and drew a beard on her face as a disguise, but it didn't work cause the employee...
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    Can we take the photo of the asshats off the front please

    Getting real tired of looking at it.
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    Sincere request

    Can we please take the goofy-looking squawk's picture off the front page slideshow scroll?
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    Feedback: How come I have to keep logging in?

    It just started this week that I have to log into this site every time I visit. I've clicked the "keep me logged in" button, but it doesn't seem to work.
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    Question for Jared on loyal fans story

    I was wondering if you threw in teams that averaged 9,000 fans a game for every home women's basketball game if Iowa State would be the lone school left standing. I bet you'd find that's the case.
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    Tsk, tsk, Chris Williams and bad grammar

    Bad grammar is the new way to speak and write English, I know, but Mrs. Brandt would be apoplectic if she was alive today to witness it. A cookie to anyone who can find the bad grammar in the following Chris Williams sentence: After making six straight NCAA Tournaments, the preseason...
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    CW: Nice groove?

    CW says the basketball team is in a nice groove. I don't know about that. They barely win at home to a .500 Texas team that has talent to be sure, but maybe doesn't play that well together. I guess maybe he's talking about the effort at Baylor in combination with the Texas game. But Baylor went...
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    Chris Williams Urgent

    Chris, when you go to Humboldt, you HAVE to go to Pasquale's Pizza. It's the best pizza anywhere, bar none. Puts New York pizza to shame. Now that I've hyped it so much, it can't possibly live up to it, but it is GREAT pizza. You'll be sorry if you miss it.
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    Feedback: weird

    I just got a notification that someone had flagged one of my posts (the No. 1 appeared beside notifications at top of page) and I look at the notification and it's on a post from about 5 years ago. Also, when I looked at the notifications page, every other comment on there is from some very...
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    Tech geeks, I need help. Anyone ever heard of this?

    I play a Kixeye game through Facebook and lately it's been kicking me off the internet. It's not crashing and I have to restart, it's literally kicking me off the Internet. My router light turns red and it takes a bit of unplugging this and that, rebooting here and there and repeatedly quitting...
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    Actors who should have been nominated for an Oscar but weren't

    I was thinking about this the other day and wanted to hear some other opinions. My opinion is probably more than slightly out there, but I think Jon Heder should have at least been nominated for Napoleon Dynamite and he probably should have won. I know that movie is polarizing. You either hated...
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    People who are no longer famous

    Maybe a bit of a deceptive subject line, but I saw a movie star referred to this way on another site and got to thinking who are some others. If you want to add some more besides mine, feel free, but know that I'm not talking about older stars who no longer appear in many movies or TV shows and...
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    The Voice

    Anyone else watch The Voice? One of the final 8 signers, I just don't get. What do people see in Michelle Chamuel? I can't stand to watch her sing, if that's what you call it. Her facial and body gyrations just make me cringe. If she had a great voice to make up for it, that would be a different...
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    Anyone know who the WBB recruits at the game were?

    Apparently, three girls were tailgating this weekend with the WBB team. Anyone got a clue as to names?