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    Priorities for the new ISU mens basketball coach?

    Here’s my take on what the new coach needs to do in the near term to have any success next year and to start turning the program around. - keep Foster and Tyrese Hunter - develop Conditt as much as possible for his final season (I think he stays and can play at a much higher level) - make...
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    Penn State football hazing Truth is stranger than fiction. Hard to believe this could happen given what transpired over 30+ years there. Or maybe not.
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    KU Hoops: brought to you by Adidas and Snoop Dogg Pole dancers, a money gun and profanity. Beautiful. Sounds like Self is going out with a bang! Was probably part of De Sousa’s package - $50 grand and a Snoop Dogg concert.
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    Need to go big vs certain teams

    Games like this will continue to happen if we always play 4 guards. Prohm tried to go a little bigger in the first half with Talley but that still didn’t get the job done. I think he needs to put 2 of Jacobson/Lard/Conditt on rhe floor in certain situations. Problem is that the regular season is...
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    Uwazurike injury

    Any word on this? I like Leo but he does not have the same impact as #50. I think we give up less than 300+ passing yesterday if he doesn’t go out on the first play.
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    What is the status of the area between SEZ and Reiman Gardens?

    I haven't been to Ames since the Spring Game in April and won't get there until the UNI game. Does anyone have an update on the progress of the work being done between the SEZ and Reiman? Pics would be cool. Last time I was there they were installing lots of large drainage pipes.
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    Which new player was the most pleasant surprise?

    With so many players being discussed as potential additions (grad transfer, sit out transfer, mid-year transfer, juco, late HS signing) it would be nice to have a guy really surprise on the upside, aside from an obvious guy like Wigginton who comes in with big expectations. For me the best...
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    Where to watch the Clones in NYC?

    I go to NY about one week a month for work and I'm tired of watching our games solo. Is there a sports bar in Manhattan where ISU fans will be for tonight's game with WVU?
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    Players who have surprised so far

    I love Mutcherson. He seems like he could be Leonard Johnson at safety. Got the pick and was ferocious in run support. I loved the play where Weisman turned up field and put his head down but Mutcherson took a run at him, got under him, and literally took him off his feet and knocked him 2...
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    How Iowa State eliminated the mid-range jumper Very good read
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    Poetic Justice: Roosevelt over Valley

    Roosevelt parent talking here. There's a separate thread that's days old about Peter Jok. Tonight's game was about way more than Jok. It was about Peter Nixon's dad transferring his son and Jok to Valley after a strong Rider team started 4 sophs and a junior 2 yrs ago and look very promising...
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    Need advice on pimpin my tailgate vehicle

    I'm ready to turn my silver 2001 Town & Country into a screaming Cyclone assault vehicle. Where can I get paint in ISU's cardinal and gold colors? I'd like to be authentic as possible, not something that looks close if I can avoid it. I have middle bucket seats and a bench in the back...
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    Need 1 at Texas

    I happen to be in Dallas the Thursday and Friday before the game in Austin. The ISU ticket office said its block is sold out. Does anyone have an extra ticket? If so, please call me at 515-339-8449.
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    Reponse to SportsTalkMatt

    Matt, since you seem active on this site I have to respond to a segment of yesterday's show. I have strep throat and couldn't call in so feel free to use as much of this material as you want on tomorrow's show. Should give you at least an hour's worth of material including fan reaction. Your...
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    Did not see Antwan Oliver on bench today

    I know he's redshirted but so is Bubu and I saw him on the bench today. I did not see Oliver on the bench, dressed or in street clothes. Maybe they let him go home early for the holidays since he's redshirted......? I hope he's still with the team because we will need him next year with...
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    Offensive Line

    I'm psyched about Stephens moving to center. I think it means that we will put a Big 12 caliber player at all five spots for the first time in a while. I think we were limited last year with Hulburt at RT and also at center, even before Knapp got hurt. I know there's only been 2 practices...
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    When did we pick up Bubu Palo?

    I haven't been to the boards lately but today is the first time I've heard that Bubu is going to ISU. Did he get a scholarship? I took my wife to dinner at The Latin King sometime in May and unfortunately it was prom night for several high schools. The one positive is that while I'm waiting...
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    McDermott: it's all about recruiting

    Since the other thread got out of control here's a new one. it comes down recruiting. Year 1: McD hired in April after recruiting season over. No chance to recruit anyone but he pulled a couple rabbits out of the hat w/ WJ and Taylor. Good job. you couldn't predict that both of these...
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    What it will take to beat Iowa this year

    Hawkeyenation has a very good thread on what they think is needed to beat ISU this year. Surprisingly balanced opinions and not much chest-thumping banter. So let's start a thread from our perspective: 1. Start strong - I don't like our chances if we fall behind early, especially w/ ISU's...
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    The smoking gun

    I know people have talked about this but the one element of this story that I think the braintrust in Iowa City will have a hard time explaining is Ferentz directing two players to move into the room. Ferentz knew enough about the incident to make the decision to kick the perps off the team...