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    Wrestling Town Hall

    If any of you are attending tonights event I wanted you to know that I will also be there so please feel free to stop me and say hi if you like!
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    Carr Feature

    Here is my David Carr feature! Give me all the feedback please and thanks!
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    Upcoming Content

    Hello everyone! Before I give you my sappy yearly end of the season thank you. I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect from me in terms of content: No 1: David Carr Story - I had the coolest talks with David and his dad the last two days. My priority to get that out to you ASAP! No. 2...
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    Day One Recap with Dresser

    Here is video of coach recapping day one and some talk on today!
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    Steve Prohm releases statement

    Here is the statement Coach Prohm released on his twitter.
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    Post Big 12 Presser

    Here's a post-championship presser with the team! Enjoy. Dresser: Gremmel: Carr:
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    Kysen Terukina Feature

    Enjoy a feature! Let me know your feedback. I always love to know your thoughts.
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    CFTV: Team previews Big 12's

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    Story: catching up with Jack Gaukel

    Here's a short write up on Jack Gaukel! Going to post some graphics with stuff that didn't make the story. Great kid! Enjoyed talking to him.
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    Big 12 Wrestling Championship TV Coverage

    here is the official release from the Big 12 on coverage for upcoming championships!
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    Dual against WVU canceled

    Here's the release but it's what you'd expect: COVID protocols but this time it's in the Cyclone program.
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    Post-Dual Press Conference and Recap

    Here is the press conference. I went ahead and broke it up into 3 that way you can watch each individual instead of trying to scroll. Here's my recap...
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    Bout Sheet

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    Metcalf/St. John/Carr Interviews Enjoy if you haven't already!
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    Mackall officially stepped away from team

    Coach Dresser has made it official that Mackall has stepped away from the program. I'll have a write up here soon! The details are that it was a tough decision but Mackall is just in a place where he is moving into a new chapter now that he is engaged and has a baby on the way!
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    Injury Update

    Hello here's your updates from Dresser - Shapiro is wrestling this weekend - so my intuition was wrong there! Ha - Still too soon for the other guys. He said they're progressing. Has hopes to wrestle the guys that have been out next weekend. BUT, the same answer you guys have seen: just don't...
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    Recap for win over OU

    Enjoy my recap!
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    VIDEO: Dresser previews Oklahoma

    Hello everyone! Here is the full video from availability of Coach discussing the teams response to last weekends loss and previewing this weekend! Enjoy!
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    Injury Updates:

    Cam Robinson - He was evaluated this morning. They didn't feel it was serious yesterday following the match. Will know more later today as Coach hasn't spoken directly with anyone yet about how Robinson felt this morning. Degen and Colbray - Still on pace to have them return by the end of the...
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    Weekly Rankings

    Here are your weekly rankings for the team!