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  1. Omaha Cy

    Does Campbell really do more with less???

    Former 1990s Husker player and current radio host Damon Benning asked a talented RB from Northwestern during Big 10 media day (Paraphrasing) "At what point are you tired of Northwestern being labeled as an underdog or overachiever?". The response was "yesterday". Despite Northwestern winning...
  2. Omaha Cy

    2nd most Big 12 football wins since 2017

    ISU is 1 win ahead of of Texas the last 3.5+ seasons. Tech, TCU, KSU, OSU, WVU all had a 3-6 type season recently, while ISU has posted 5 and 6 conference wins each year. ISU & KSU are the only B12 teams to beat OU twice since 2017. Texas beat OU once since 2017. That's it. That's the list...
  3. Omaha Cy

    West Virginia vs K-State...

    Mountaineers have beaten KSU 5 times in a row. WTF? :confused: Insert quizzical Doc Rivers gif. KSU stomped WVU their 1st two season in the league(12/13), won a couple close games(14/15), then dropped 5 straight to the couch burners.
  4. Omaha Cy

    Kansas State

    I'm optimistic that ISU will win, but this is KSU. It will be a maze of torment for 3+ hours and rarely does Iowa State happen to do things the easy way. :( This is exactly what Campbell was brought here to do. Meaningful games in November. Rhoads had at least 1 "Big 12 north title goes...
  5. Omaha Cy

    Rake your lawn Saturday!

    Got yardwork to do and I can't get ISU football radio broadcasts in Omaha/Papillion. On super rare occasions I'm able to pick up 540 or whatever when I'd be driving somewhere. What's a good online radio option for today?
  6. Omaha Cy

    Cole Cubelic: sideline reporter for today's game

    Cole played center for Auburn in the late 90s, works with the SEC Network, and hosts a sports talk radio show in Alabama. The connection Cole and I have is our enthusiasm for Tecmo Bowl. I've been a guest on his radio show, and he joined me on the podcast this spring to talk Tecmo & R.B.I...
  7. Omaha Cy

    Annual Tecmo Bowl & R.B.I. Baseball Nintendo tourney

    5th annual event. Saturday May 2nd Omaha, NE @ DJs Dugout (Miracle Hills location 114th & Dodge). Tecmo Bowl @ 12PM, RBI @ 6PM. Our 2019 event attracted players from 7 states. CO, NE, KS, IA, IL, MO, AR. Expecting 2-3 more states to be represented this year. Each tourney opens with 3...
  8. Omaha Cy

    Can we get a QB sneak installed in this offense?

    Every ******* time its 4th and short, this ******* offense comes out in shotgun and a ******* dinky scat back gets stuffed.
  9. Omaha Cy

    Children's educational programming

    Anyone have some good recommendations? My son is 5 and he's not really interested in PBS educational cartoon anymore, however he still likes Octonauts. I'm a big fan of Octonauts due to the sealife educational slant in each episode. He also enjoys chasing monsters(extreme fishing show)...
  10. Omaha Cy

    ISU vs KU recent history.

    Clones are 7-6 in last 13 games vs Kansas going back to the 2014 Big 12 conf tourney. 6 year mark: ISU is 7-8 if you include the 2013-2014 reg season sweep of KU over ISU (Niang/Kane/Ejim squad) How many wins do other Big 12 teams have vs KU since 2013-2014 season? 7: ISU 5: OSU/WVU 3...
  11. Omaha Cy

    4th annual NES Tecmo Bowl & R.B.I. Baseball tournament

    Join us Saturday March 30th in Omaha for a day long celebration of classic Nintendo sports games at Bigway Burger. (72nd street/Ralston) Each tournament starts with a 3 game opening round, and those results are used to seed the bracket. Tourney format ensures everyone plays in numerous games...
  12. Omaha Cy

    Omaha Tecmo Super Bowl / Street Fighter 2 tourneys

    Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) & Street Fighter 2 turbo (SNES) will be the featured retro games on Sunday November 18th at the 5th annual "Extra life Omaha" fundraiser. This year's efforts will help Children's Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha to begin purchasing Virtual Reality hardware for...
  13. Omaha Cy

    Omaha R.B.I. Baseball tourney

    This Saturday night (Oct 27th) from 7-9 pm. The RBI tourney is free to enter, has a double elimination format, and will have additional games in order to place each participant. 1st place wins a $15 gift card to Bigway Burger (5413 S 72nd St) This will be our 5th retro gaming event of the...
  14. Omaha Cy

    Best ISU QB ? (post-Brett Meyer years)

    Choose your top 4 QBs from the last 10 seasons. Use whatever criteria you want to determine those 4. Apologies to Jerome Tiller for not making the cut, but only 10 choices can be added. :D In all fairness, Tiller could have replaced Rohach I guess, but Rohach got my nod for engineering the...
  15. Omaha Cy

    FS: G7 season parking pass

  16. Omaha Cy

    Advice on obtaining sponsors for event?

    Curious if anyone has any experiences or advice they can share. I run retro video game tournaments in Omaha, and the primary system used is made by a company called Hyperkin. Hyperkin uses current technology of 720 res/HDMI output for playing original Nintendo games on HDTVs. Recently had...
  17. Omaha Cy

    Blind cat

    Our cat is about 16 years old, and lost his sight recently, and would like to hear from people about their experiences with a blind animal, and what we can do to help him. Clyde navigates the house well so far. We have a baby gate at the stairs to the basement where the litter box is. There's...
  18. Omaha Cy

    Omaha Tecmo Bowl & R.B.I. Baseball tourney

    Continuing a retro gaming tradition here in Omaha, a few buddies and I held our 3rd annual Tecmo & RBI tourney on March 24th. Tecmo Bowl had 20 competing, and 16 in RBI. Overall 26 people total played in either or both tourneys. We paid out roughly $450 in cash prizes from entry fees, and had...
  19. Omaha Cy

    Any graphics designers here?

    Got a few brackets I need to put together for an upcoming tournament with a couple logos on it. Wondering if anyone here can do this for a 17 X 22 inch poster Looked at, and they wanted around $20 for this sort of simple job. I can send some funds via paypal if anyone is...
  20. Omaha Cy

    Holy low priced HD Nintendos Batman!

    Found this deal online and it ends in 8 hours(tonight). Great Christmas present for someone you might know...