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  1. Wally86

    Ohio Connection

    If Cleveland Cavaliers can win one Iowa State can win one.
  2. Wally86

    Rules Bending NASCAR vs Cycling

    Just finished the Fawcast. Can't believe CW sees a difference between the rules bending in those two sports. It is irrational to yuck it up about NASCAR rules bending and get offended at cycling rules bending. Listen to the podcast, get in my draft and weigh in. Please don't swing the...
  3. Wally86

    Baylor Rolling in Bowl Game

    Baylor is looking good despite missing offensive weapons. Too bad the refs missed hands to the face on NC and gave the Tar Heels 7
  4. Wally86

    Open Letter to High School Coaches Looks like Coach Rhoads intends to recruit the state in the future.
  5. Wally86

    What was the beginning of the end?

    I think hiring Mess as OC was the beginning of the end. It also points to what is likely the biggest issue, personnel decisions. Imagine Sturdy as OC instead of Mess with Sturdy's pick for Oline coach instead of Klenakis.
  6. Wally86

    Comparison of Sturdy to Leach

    This will take some time to digest. Not sure I like the "look to the sidelines piece". If anyone has a contrast to Mangino please add it.
  7. Wally86

    The Longest Yard

    I feel bad about the Baylor QB but can't get the longest yard out of my head, "he broke his freakin neck".
  8. Wally86

    Now ISU Can Say We Do Things "The Right Way".

    "He is a proven winner and he wins the right way" #TakeMe2TheProhmisedLand
  9. Wally86

    Royce to da Bulls?

    What are the odds Fred brings Royce to the Bulls? For the right price he could play home games, conferance finals and NBA championship.
  10. Wally86

    Who Gets The Credit

    If next years team does or doesn't earn titles Fred still gets the credit. In other words titles earned means Fred set the program up right. For titles fans thought the cyclones could earn but don't, it looks like Fred walked out before the job was done.
  11. Wally86

    Why not press?

    With all the athletic players Iowa State has it would make sense to press a slowdown team like South Carolina. I wonder why Fred didn't do that?
  12. Wally86


    No way! Nader was fouled.
  13. Wally86

    How fast is Sam Richardson?

    apparently fast enough to blow by the Baylor secondary!
  14. Wally86


    did they just burn Martinez Syria's red shirt for this game. WHY?
  15. Wally86


    Monte played great. I am looking forward to his improved offensive all next year. His defense is great for a frosh.
  16. Wally86

    Which was it

    Was it fatigue from playing so many minutes this year or was it too much birthday.
  17. Wally86

    Does anyone know an example of a successful head coach that was a DC?

    I don't know the answer to this question. Are there any former DC's that come to mind as successful head coaches? Surely there have to be some. offense and defense are very different mindsets. On Defence giving up one big play kills you. On offense making one big play wins. Can a defensive...
  18. Wally86

    When will the next win come?

    I am taking a drink of cool aid and calling Tulsa. What do you think?
  19. Wally86

    Start Recruiting Pierschbacher now

    Just in case Pierschbacher likes Alabama as much as Harrington we need to start recruiting him to the good guys now for 2015. Cedar Falls track star Harrington announces decision to transfer to Iowa