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  1. spierceisu

    Players leaving Nebraska Football

    I heard on the radio Farniock and McCaffery are leaving Nebraska along with a few other players. I know Farniock's brother Tom played here and McCaffery is a great athlete. Any chance we look at/land any of these?
  2. spierceisu

    Will Mahomes play vs the Bills

    After Mahomes' injury vs the Browns, do you think he will play Sunday vs the Bills? I am a Chiefs fan and I would rather him sit out if there is any serious things going on for his benefit and the long-term benefit of the team. I thought it was a concussion at first, and that's what the report...
  3. spierceisu

    Costco vs Sam's Club

    We recently moved from Waukee to Ankeny. We have a Costco membership that expires at the end of February. Now that we live in Ankeny it seems to make more sense to get a Sam's Club membership. It also doesn't really make much sense to keep both of them, I went into Sam's Club today just to...
  4. spierceisu

    New Dishwasher Recommendations

    My wife and I recently moved into a new house and it has a pretty inexpensive GE dishwasher. It is not that old (only 4 years old) and the racks are starting to rust some and it doesn't seem to clean very well. We are thinking about getting a new one soon to replace it. We had a Thermador at...
  5. spierceisu

    First time I remember Campbell really pissed (not at refs)

    I remember during the game seeing Campbell getting super pissed and really yelling into his headset about something that I never seem to see. It was shortly before an assaley field goal. I wonder if he was pissed at the play all to run a draw on third and long the play before. Kind of glad if...
  6. spierceisu

    Players wearing #0

    I have seen quite a few players wearing #0 this year. I don’t ever remember players wearing #0 in football before. Was there a rules change this year that led to this?
  7. spierceisu

    Sean Shaw drop off?

    I know at the end of the season last year Sean Shaw was developing into quite a weapon. I was super excited for him going into this season. I know he has played this year, but I am not even sure if he has a catch yet. I am not sure what happened but I hope he gets more involved soon.
  8. spierceisu

    New Washer and Dryer Question

    We are moving at the end of October and need to get a new washer and dryer. We had some fairly new Whirlpool Duet front load machines at our current house. My wife and I were not impressed with them and want to go to a top load washer because they seem to get clothes cleaner. We are thinking...
  9. spierceisu

    Podcast Idea

    I have a fun idea for a podcast (maybe Title IX Podcast) of possibly interviewing a few of the coaches significant others to get an inside look at coaches lives(not family details) but possibly an idea of schedules (i know they work crazy hours and some fun stories of good/bad times after games...
  10. spierceisu

    Aldi Spicy Honey

    I saw Aldi has 2 new flavors of a spicy honey (spicy chili and sriracha) that just came out. I have seen some ads for Firebee Honey and it intrigued me but it is pricey ($23/bottle). I really don't want to try it for $23 and not like it. The aldis ones are like $4 a bottle. Has anyone tried...
  11. spierceisu

    Best way to remove wasp nests, and keep them away

    For the second year in a row I have multiple wasp nests in the high peaks of my roof eaves. Last year I did my best to get rid of them by using a telescoping power washing wand. This is the only way I feel comfortable getting to them since they are probably 25-30 feet in the air and I am...
  12. spierceisu

    Fisher of Men Foods

    I heard an ad on the radio that a place called Fisher of Men meats has a tent setup at Jordan Creek mall. Does anyone know anything about this place? Something on one of their photos online had a tent that said 20 ribeyes for $30. It makes me think it is a bunch of crap meat, but it is still...
  13. spierceisu

    Greatest Gut Punch Bracket

    I know WHOTV did a greatest moments in Iowa sports history. Now they are doing the Greatest Gut punch bracket. I see selections as they happen day to day, but is there somewhere to see the entire bracket? I am just curious what all is on the bracket.
  14. spierceisu

    Test Iowa Emails

    I completed the Test Iowa survey a when it first came out. Now every week I have been getting an email to complete the survey again. I have done it numerous times. Is anyone else getting these emails continuously?
  15. spierceisu

    Braxton Bayless

    I just heard today that Ron Bayless' son Braxton had 41 points in a state tournament game today. I have not heard of him until today. For those who may have seen him play before, is he a Big 12 caliber player? Since he is a legacy, didn't know if there was any interest from us as far as a...
  16. spierceisu

    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    I know this topic gets discussed every year, but would like to adjust the question a bit. I know it has been said that we should fertilize our yards at the end of April/early May for the initial time. Should this be adjusted since we are trending towards warmer temperatures earlier than normal?
  17. spierceisu

    Idea: CF tee shirt idea

    I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to put this, so if not, mods please move. I came across a picture from a while back that I thought would be a cool CycloneFanatic tee shirt idea.
  18. spierceisu

    New Snowblower Opinions

    I have a old 2 stage 27" wide John Deere that runs ok, but I think it is at the end of its life (it is 25-30 years old). I am looking to upgrade to a new 2 stage. I am thinking 24" wide will be fine for me. I am thinking Ariens or Toro. Does anyone have opinions/recommendations?
  19. spierceisu

    Apparently you can't re-sell Krispy Kremes

    Saw this article online. A person in Minnesota is buying carloads of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and re-selling them in Minnesota for a higher price to help pay for student loans. People are willing to pay more since there is no more Krispy Kreme locations in Minnesota. Krispy Kreame apparently...
  20. spierceisu

    Tylan Wallace tears ACL in practice Feel bad for them. He is a stud and it will definitley hurt them.