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  1. AgronAlum

    Online dating experience/advice

    Yeah, I told my wife a few days ago that if she ever leaves, I’m done. Dating sucks balls.
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    Kid runs over another kid in football drill

    Absolutely not.
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    Boat Buying Advice???

    I don’t know **** about boats but that thing looks super clean for being 28 years old.
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    West Hill Brewing Indianola

    It pulled the Nintendo Fusion Tour with Story of the Year, Lost Prophets, Anberlin and My Chemical Romance in 2004. I was there. That alone makes the town.
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    Woodworkers Thread

    Do you get a lot of overspray or mist hanging in the air that settles down on stuff in the room?
  6. AgronAlum

    Woodworkers Thread

    Really interested to see the answer to this as well. The HVLP gun from harbor freight says 1-3 HP. I’ve been using a pancake compressor at .8 HP. I’m always looking for an upgrade but space is an issue. I don’t want a large compressor unless I need it. My FIL/MIL bought a house with an old...
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    Refinishing a Worn Deck

    We’ve got a worn deck that I’d like to get a few more years out of before replacing because the plan is to add on when/if lumber prices come back down. (Unless my wife talks me into doing a paver patio which sounds like waaay too much work) Has anyone used a product like Pittsburgh Revitalize...
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    Woodworkers Thread

    Do you have to put a dryer on the air line to spray finish? I’ve never done it before. Are they a pain to clean when using OB finishes? How do the different tips work? Is it one for paint and one for almost everything else? Do you strain the finishes before loading up the gun?
  9. AgronAlum

    Woodworkers Thread

    Foam brush for OB finishes where I’m brushing it. I’ve got a good bristle brush for water based. I always end up with the Jen foam brushes from Ace. No real reason other than that’s where I’ve been when I needed some and I know they hold up. Ive been using General Finishes Arm R Seal lately...
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    Woodworkers Thread

    It seems like every project I’ve done I end up dripping a bead of sweat off my face onto a coat of finish. Every. *******. Time.
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    Jazz v. Kings

    Lakers and Kings (THT and TH) poppin off on NBA TV in a few minutes.
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    Tree Issue

    We’ve only been here for 4 years or so and obviously the tree is older than that. I have no idea how old though. It is possible that the tree is 15-20 years old because our house is around 25.
  13. AgronAlum

    Tree Issue

    I was thinking maybe the same thing from what I googled. I might just treat it for insects and see what happens. It’s a really good size for our front yard and if prefer not to replace it. I have no idea what would go into replacing a a tree in the same spot an established one was just removed from.
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    Tree Issue

    No idea when the tree was planted but our house was built in the mid 90s so it’s around that old at the most. It wasnt really well cared for before we moved in. I trimmed a good number of low hanging branches (including one fairly large one) a couple years ago but sealed everything I cut that...
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    Tree Issue

    The base looks fine I think?
  16. AgronAlum

    Tree Issue

    We’ve got a crabapple in the front yard that is losing its bark on the main portions of the trunk and branches. Any suggestions? Earl May basically said if there are holes, they can do something and if there isn’t, it’s probably a fungus and they cannot. The dude didn’t really look at the...
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    Our fridge: String Colby Jack Brick Colby Jack Shredded Colby Jack Sliced Cream Sharp Cheddar Brick Mild Cheddar Shredded Mozz Shredded Parm Shredded Parm Grated Asiago Shredded Romano Shredded American Cottage Tillamook is the best commonly found cheese on the market.
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    Most underrated: Fontina Most overrated: Provolone Cream Cheese is good on everything. The snobs will say they’re not cheese but American and Velveeta are great.
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    Finally got a house.

    You are a god damned genius.
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    Vaccine reactions

    A group of people I work with had chills exactly 12 hours after getting the shot. I was asleep by then and felt nothing. Some people felt ****** but I didn’t feel anything but a numb soreness in my arm for a few hours.