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  1. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    ***Official 2020 Fantasy Football Thread***

    Could not find another thread for this so decided I would make one.... How are your guys teams doing this week? So far I'm regretting drafting James Conner, forgot he was made of glass. I'll need a big night from Derrick Henry to get the win.
  2. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Monté Morris vs Tyrese Haliburton

    Two of the best point guards in school history I would say, but what would happen if they traded spots? For the sake of comparison I'm just looking at each individual's sophomore season. Current Tyrese Averages: GP MIN FG% 3P% FT% REB AST BLK STL PF TO PTS 16 36.4 49.2 38.8...
  3. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Pokes Settle a Bet?

    Well well well boys.... Do we have some illegal collegiate sports betting going on during the Oklahoma State game? Seems like they're playing pretty well though with a 14 point lead!
  4. LanningIsBakersDaddy

    Getting To The Basket

    Tough loss today to a really good Seton Hall team, definitely excited to see the rematch in Hilton. This was probably mentioned in the game thread, but I was pretty impressed with how Bolton, Tyrese, and even Nixon were attacking and getting to the rim today. Some of Bolton's finishes were just...