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  1. CySmurf

    Idiot stick from Minnesota caught driving 114 mph on I-35 during snow storm in Iowa

    Apparently he told the officer he was trying to get back to his college in Minnesota quicker.
  2. CySmurf

    Texas Tech might be kicking the tires on hiring Art Briles...Good God.
  3. CySmurf

    AAC commish says it's "indefensible" that Iowa State is ranked ahead of Cincinnati in CFP rankings.
  4. CySmurf

    Enjoying watching AJ Klein playing tonight on MNF.

    Almost has a pick in the 3rd quarter.
  5. CySmurf

    Urban Meyer gives Texas his answer...
  6. CySmurf

    How fun is this?!! (in words or GIFS)

    Just to be in this position to scoreboard watch...knowing you're in the driver's seat instead of the chaser...what a fun day to watch football! How would you all put this into words or GIFS to be where we're at right now? GO CYCLONES!
  7. CySmurf

    Rumor: Urban Meyer has talked with Texas president and AD about the job...
  8. CySmurf

    That huge smell you're smelling... that large turd Nebraska has laid in Lincoln. (Updated) Final Illinois 41 Nebraska 23
  9. CySmurf

    ESPN Power Rankings...

    ...can kiss my beautiful backside.
  10. CySmurf

    Who was/is a worse AD...

    Bruce Van De Velde or Gary Barta? ...and give reasons why.
  11. CySmurf

    Man, the 2020 tailgate tour will be SO much fun for Steve Prohm...

    ...all the happy, satisfied fans. I imagine he'll get a lot of positive encouragement though because, well, can't hide behind a anonymous name on a message board. Go Cyclones! Hope next year will be better.
  12. CySmurf

    Kitchens is out in Cleveland...

    ...let the Campbell speculating begin.
  13. CySmurf

    Where are all the CWB pics...

    Saw tons of videos and pics of Cyclone fans when we were in San Antonio. Haven't seen any such thing for the Camping World Bowl.
  14. CySmurf

    I guess Iowa's collapse will start in late November this year

    Texas Tech, Syracuse, Iowa State... ...Cal Poly. Lol
  15. CySmurf

    Did Greg Eisworth get dinged up?

    Sorry if this was addressed somewhere. I didn't see anything.
  16. CySmurf

    Cordell Pemsl arrested...

    OWI this morning. Suspended by the team.
  17. CySmurf

    So where are we meeting... burn Eric Church's music? ;-)