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  1. SolarGarlic

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    OK, so not the most uplifting thread, but I think we're pretty used to discussing our abysmal history as a football program. Which ISU was the most hopeless that you watched in person? The 0-10-1 team was obviously terrible, but I was too young to catch any of those games. Listening to the...
  2. SolarGarlic

    "Bells of Iowa State" at football games: Yay or Nay?

    Saw some discussion of the UNI alma mater song causing controversy. What are our thoughts on our alma mater song, "The Bells of Iowa State", being played at football games? Personally, I love it. It's a beautiful song and holds a lot of sentimental value, whether it's about going to games as a...
  3. SolarGarlic

    Best way to look for new apartment

    Looking for some advice here. I'm looking for a new apartment. What are your best strategies for finding the best deal? It feels like Apartment Finder, Zillow, and similar apps are probably skewed toward the property owners. Help a brotha out! Thanks
  4. SolarGarlic

    More Discussion of Tupac Than The Game Tomorrow

    Is there any interest in the football game tomorrow? Seems like this board is more of a politics and off-topic board for Iowans than a Cyclone board*. *Not counting the trash in the CyTwins threads.
  5. SolarGarlic

    Uniforms for WV

    Wow, maybe winning really does push the uniform threads aside. These usually pop up on Tuesday, but have yet to see a thread. Should be announced in couple of hours. What's everyone going with? My guess is C/W/G that we saw at Texas last season. It's a good look although a little USCish, the...
  6. SolarGarlic

    ESPN2 Crew

    SIAP I don't usually pay much attention to the commentators, but yesterday was pure torture. I usually like Benetti, but the endless anecdotes and storylines were annoying. I know those are intended for people that don't know the teams, but holy ****, we couldn't go two plays without a story...
  7. SolarGarlic

    New Entrance Song

    Thankfully, we are getting a new intro song this season. Any guesses? What's the hot rap song currently? I believe it was reported that the coaches and players chose it together. I know they've been playing the Rocky soundtrack a lot in practice. Hope it's not that. Also, for the record, you...
  8. SolarGarlic

    First Game Uniforms?

    If you don't care, don't read. We know we're going to be using a few different combos this season, but I assume we will be coming out in the standard C/C/G combo. I'm hoping the gray facemasks have been retired forever. I would also prefer no black shoes, but I doubt that's the case. The staff...
  9. SolarGarlic

    Teams you don't want to see in our region

    I may be a little early on this, but I always find it interesting to see how we match up with teams from other conferences. As we saw yesterday, ISU's kryptonite is big, physical teams that can create extra possessions and take us out of our comfort zone on offense. Luckily, I think WV may be...
  10. SolarGarlic

    Hawkeye fans already bored with their season, starting rumors

    Check out this thread from Hawkeye Lounge. Looking at a season of failed expectations, they've set their sights elsewhere.
  11. SolarGarlic

    Black Cleats

    I don't care that you don't care, I'm bored. What's everyone's thoughts on the black cleats? I wouldn't mind if we never saw them again. It's not one of our colors and it makes us look even more slow-footed than we are. The big boys up front suffer the most from this look. Flame away.
  12. SolarGarlic

    Week 1 Depth Chart

  13. SolarGarlic

    Fantasy Baseball 2016

    SIAP, but just had my draft a couple of days ago, so I'm enjoying the excitement before the sudden realization that fantasy baseball will run my life and ruin my every conversation. This is my first year in a standard points league. I was caught off guard by the very sudden run of starting...
  14. SolarGarlic

    Thomas or Nader on Brogdon?

    Earlier this week, the media hinted that Nader would get the first shot at Brogdon. I'd prefer Thomas as Brogdon is a smart player, and Nader has a tendency to get lost on D. Nader has the size and length to check Brogdon, and Brogdon doesn't have the quickness that usually bothers Nader, but...
  15. SolarGarlic

    Behind Enemy Lines: Big 12

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but Seth Davis has put out a couple of these now. They're fascinating to read. basically opposing coaches/scouts giving their breakdown of in-conference foes anonymously. Thought they went pretty easy on Iowa State: Iowa State (19–9, 8–7): "Everybody...