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    Kene signs rookie contract

    I worked 35 years before I earned that much. When I went to the Social Security office when I was getting ready to retire, they told me I had earned just over $1 million in my lifetime after nearly 50 years of working. My dad probably earned less than half that in his lifetime. He was in the Air...
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    Friday OT #1 - Caught In a Bad Romance

    I tried online dating and one girl I was in contact with described herself as having a fluffy butt. I had no idea what that meant, so when she showed up at my door, she was shaped like a very bottom-heavy pear. Fluffy apparently means very fat. I mean, this butt was not proportional to the rest...
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    Friday OT #1 - It's a Half Life

    I was 34, a minor local celebrity and full of myself. (Complete strangers would honk and wave at me if they saw me walking down the sidewalk, for instance.) I was drinking myself into an early grave, going out 4 and sometimes 5 nights a week, including weekends because I was Mr. Party Guy and...
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I thought Doege transferred again. He started out at Kent State and transferred to W. Va., but I thought I read he transferred yet again at the end of this past year.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Wilson's up to 270 too. He could be a beast if the light ever goes on for him.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    But boy Arkansas sure likes to play up its fanbase, telling us all how great it is. They haven't seen anything like the Iowa State fanbase. They'd maybe come in a distant second, but I doubt it.
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    2022 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +4)

    No. Visits are set up whenever the recruit has free time. It's not dependent on how high they are on the priority list. Although, ISU has traditionally had a high closure rate on visit dates. If we get them to visit, we can usually sign them. So the only caveat is if they don't visit until...
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    2022 Football Targets (Offer List in OP +4)

    Not to mention his gigantic teammate, who is visiting the same weekend, Tawfiq Thomas. He's the kind of big-body NG we need. I would love it if we signed him and the other two, Orange and Graciel. Three DTs in one class would likely be a first for us. It would definitely be a first for quality...
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    ***Official Daily Earworm Thread*** Songs Stuck in Your Head

    Lately, "You Know I'm no Good" by Amy Winehouse has been stuck in my head, which is odd for a couple of reasons. I barely know who Amy Winehouse is and I only know who she is because she committed suicide. A second reason it's odd is because I have heard that song MAYBE two times at most. And a...
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    Fran losing multiple players!

    That's a loose use of the language.
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    Oliver Martin transferring again

    That's a guy whose athleticism never lived up to his play on the field. He had an outrageous SPARQ score in the 160s, better than most NFL players, but what has he done with it? He's transferred three times looking for playing time. EDIT: I take that back. His SPARQ score was actually 112...
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    I want to Believe

    How come in this age of high-def, digital cameras everywhere, in every pocket, practically, this is the best video we can get of supposed UFOs?
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    2023 Football Targets (Offer List in OP)

    Rivals has this guy listed at 260 and at DT.
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    Vaccine reactions

    Everyone I know who had the Moderna vaccine had the same exact reaction on the second one, accompanied by high fever. Everyone except me, that is. I know of at least 30 people who had the Moderna injections and every one of them had that reaction. Luckily, it only lasted a few hours for most of...
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    Walking Dead

    Maggie went off with that old woman and the twins to help other people learn how to use old technology, is what I thought had happened. From the hints we've been given so far, it didn't go all that well at the end. What I couldn't stand about the Negan episode is how they raved about it on...
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    Walking Dead

    No fear, next season is the last. It's an extended season, however, 24 episodes.
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    Hulu/Fear the Walking Dead question

    I've been seriously thinking of binge watch Fear the Walking Dead. I haven't seen any of the episodes. I don't know if it's possible to binge watch all 6 seasons during a weeklong free trial on Hulu or if it's even worth the effort. Obviously, I don't already have Hulu, but I haven't used my...
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    My dad in the Armory in 1957 after KU victory

    It's the Armory. National Guard Armory, you know?
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    Friday OT #2 -- At the Late Night, Double Feature, Picture Show

    Mine has to be Mrs. Doubtfire. I went to see it three times and actually saw it once. First time I took my two under age 10 daughters to see it and the youngest one, probably about 7 or 8 at the time, got sick about half an hour into it and we had to leave. The second time I went to see it, I...