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    Online dating experience/advice

    This made me laugh. How can one person be so informed on all of the dating apps? You must go fishing A LOT.
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    Old Mediocre Has-Been Desperate To Appear Relevant; aka JBo To Return

    In British parlance I don’t know if it’s possible to be a “wanker” and a “tosser”, but if it is that would be Jordan bohannon. He’s lucky that he played the last 5 years with The Little Herky Club because if a punk like him played with guys like Kane or Tinsley he would have endured several...
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    The video that Jamie released was so damning to the U of Iowa story that they had to shut up and take their lumps. It turned out to be a more pathetic accusation than Theftgate. Who can forget watching the band disregard instructions to exit from their sideline and instead assemble in formation...
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    Fran losing multiple players!

    Normally I would say this makes sense but the problem is that Weiscamp will draw all of the defensive attention now, when he’s always been one of multiple options after Garza. It’s possible that his FG percentage and scoring will go down next year with the guys they have left. Joe returning...
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    The Fran fade and the "awful" transfer portal

    Fran’s youngest is in 8th grade. This extension ensures that he’ll get to play for dad too. I think there’s a decent chance they don’t make the dance more than once or twice during the rest of Fran’s tenure, and maybe never. A find like Garza won’t gappen again, nor is it likely that another kid...
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    Former Drake Bulldog Yesefu transferring to KU

    Good post. Your last paragraph seems to be what Kevin Ollie is starting up. College basketball will lose a lot though if this takes off. It would suck if a kid like Hunter did this and we never got to see him play in college. But baseball does it so it makes sense that basketball would. A big...
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    Former Drake Bulldog Yesefu transferring to KU

    OK, so the Adidas cash game has been exposed and now it’s harder for Kansas to get elite high school players, and some of the guys that didn’t pan out are moving down. That’s not a threat to the college game. But the Adidas cash and getting top flight transfers with no sit out is. So what needs...
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    ISU #4 in ESPN FPI

    I think we spank UNI this year. Once in awhile we do beat them soundly and I think this will be one of those years. I also think we take care of Iowa. F#%?ing Nate Stanley just had our number. We always made enough mistskes to let that guy rally to beat us. But I don’t see it this year. The...
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    My dad in the Armory in 1957 after KU victory

    That is awesome.
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    Former Drake Bulldog Yesefu transferring to KU

    Go back and watch the USC game. He’s Sherron Collins with a jump shot. There’s a reason he ended up at Kansas. He could have gone anywhere.
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    Former Drake Bulldog Yesefu transferring to KU

    This is wrong in so many ways. Yesefu is a flat out stud and proved it over and over again once he got extended minutes. He could easily be first team all Big 12 next year. His games travels. He’s a perfect example of why the new transfer rules are terrible for college basketball. Drake is now...
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    Bolton is now officially in Portal as expected.

    “Leadership/chemistry/culture problem” defines the Steve Prohm era. He’s a feckless guy who never had control of the team or the locker room in 6 years, starting with Jameel McKay in year one. I think Prohm tried way too hard to be liked and as a result never commanded respect. If Jeremy is...
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    Kirk Ferentz's new job title

    I hope the announcers refer to him as Moon Family Head Coach throughout every game. Then explain that the Moon family owns truck stops. (My dad was a truck driver btw)
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    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    Nope. Rhoads' team lost in double OT at Toledo in 2015, despite dominating the stats. 14 penalties for 113 yards didn't help. God I remember how painful that loss once, no thanks for reminder :(
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    KU Challenging NCAA

    Any chance that the NCAA would properly discipline Kansas, Arizona, Louisville and other rogue programs went out the window with covid. All the university athletic dept’s are so strapped for cash now that the NCAA isn’t going to make it worse. It’s like the old guy sent to prison who then gets...
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    Priorities for the new ISU mens basketball coach?

    Here’s my take on what the new coach needs to do in the near term to have any success next year and to start turning the program around. - keep Foster and Tyrese Hunter - develop Conditt as much as possible for his final season (I think he stays and can play at a much higher level) - make...
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    Steve Prohm says he'll meet with Jamie Pollard to discuss his future next week...

    Right, and it’s even worse when the timing is always off and it becomes a wandering half ass screen with the ballhandler rarely gaining an advantage and then never looking to pass to the roll guy. Many times Solo or Conditt have an opportunity on the roll but they never get a look. High ball...
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    Steve Prohm says he'll meet with Jamie Pollard to discuss his future next week...

    Prohm is like McDermott during his ISU tenure in a lot of ways. His recruiting has been better than his coaching and developing culture. And even with recruiting it’s feast or famine. For every quality recruit there have been 2 or 3 non-contributors. Just no reliable role players or specialists...
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    I have a whole group of buddies who are ‘91 Marquette grads. They’ve grown tired of Wojo and want a change. He’s got 3 years left on his contract and I have no idea what the Marquette admin thinks of him or what his buy out is. But if he did become available I think ISU should talk to him...
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    Greg McDermott Suspended

    I’m sure he meant to use the saying “off the reservation” which has been around forever and would be offensive enough on its own, increasingly so in today’s environment where the past treatment of native Americans seems to be more in focus.