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  1. J

    So why is the tournament

    on a different schedule this year? Friday through Monday for the first "weekend". Anyone know why?
  2. J

    Gary Wade-MBB announcer retiring Gary Wade, the announcer at men's basketball games for the last 42 years is retiring. I'm 41 and have been going to games since I can remember. I'm guessing I've been to at least a game in each of the last 37 years (and that streak was a big...
  3. J

    Big 12 scholar athlete of the year

    Iowa State got 2 of these. Callie Logue in cross country and Kene Nwangwu in football. He graduated with a 3.76 in mechanical engineering. That’s super impressive!
  4. J

    This is it

    This is what we've been waiting for. The last 4 years have been nothing short of amazing. The senior class has more wins than any other senior class. We've beat Oklahoma twice. We've beat Texas twice. We've won in every Big 12 stadium but one. We have the second most Big 12 wins in the...
  5. J

    Just when i think i can’t love him more

    I read in the register (can’t link in on a phone) that Campbell offset some of the salary cuts his coaches took. also, his buyout is still $6 million. I thought it had gotten lower than that.
  6. J

    Mike Nurse podcast

    For those of you who didn't see this on twitter, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. These are usually good, but Mike is really engaging and fun to listen to. He made a two mile walk in the rain and cold fly by. And he remembers everything! Also it was nice to hear him say that the basketball...
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    Kansas basketball tickets

    Just call me surly for posting random ****. But anyway, a few years ago I bought overpriced Kansas tickets through Stubhub for the Iowa State game (unfortunately the year before we won there). Somehow, I must have paid above listed price to the Kansas athletic department because suddenly I had...
  8. J

    New Pollard Letter Some good info on Cyclone Club donations (the new tiers won't go into affect this year), ticket price freezes, extension on renewals, and pay freezes for staff and bonuses.
  9. J

    Iceland travel

    A friend and I lucked into a really cheap direct flight from MSP to Iceland in July ($472!). anyone been there? Where should should we base our stay? Ideally we’d be a view days in the capital but I’m not sure what other town.
  10. J

    Ames Tribune and DSM Register

    I see travis hines’ article is on the register webpage. Does Ganett now own the tribune?
  11. J

    Philly dog story

    A pretty sweet story about a stray dog wandering into a home during a storm when the owner didn't make sure the door was latched). It makes you wonder how long this poor thing was on the street or, if not, how poorly she was treated before. It seems like she'll be treated well for the rest...
  12. J

    Weird Amazon thing

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this scam and what exactly they trying to get at. A few weeks ago I had a pending charge posted to my credit card from Amazon. I hadn't ordered anything so I put a track on it to email me as soon as it went final. It went final a few days later and...
  13. J

    Nice Story on Prohm and young fan

    The Register did a story about a kid from Oelwein who Coach Prohm has been in contact with through some tough health problems. I can tell I'd like this kid since he requested that the curtains in his room in Iowa City be closed so he didn't have to look at Kinnick ;)...
  14. J

    Post game

    Anyone have any video of them playing Sweet Caroline followed by Juicy Wiggle after the game? I found a one of just Juicy Wiggle, but it would be fun to see the whole thing. Also, there's been a new song that they played after the second TD yesterday and they played after an Oklahoma State TD...
  15. J

    Woof--We can all agree

    That we are lucky we don't have Scott Frost as a coach. Year 2 in a ****** conference and he's still this bad? Ohio State is obviously really good, but they did lose to Colorado and almost lost to Illinois. And 38-0??
  16. J

    Why so angry this year

    Message boards are a cess pool and being a fan was much more fun when they weren't around. But it's not like I can blame anyone for being on them since I think they are awful and here I am. But my main question is why is there so much anger this year? The absolute hatred towards the team and...
  17. J

    Final AP Poll

    We are 24th. What a turnaround from the day we played Texas.
  18. J

    Someone help me out

    Because I am an idiot fan, I don't notice these things. But can anyone point me towards a game where a series of obvious bad calls helped us to win a game? Note: This does not include calls that were actually correct. Sometimes we tend to point out the correct calls like the officials are...
  19. J

    One thing I will not miss....

    is the constant fawning over Leach by everyone in the Iowa State media. Let's interview Leach, let's write articles about him, etc. I like him, but after the past month has made me hate him :) The other thing I will not miss is the constant talk about how the defense has regressed. The...
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    You know what I am sick of

    a front page full of complaining on here. We need an offensive line coach, we need a coordinator, our defense sucks, Campbell sucks, the field sucks, we don't play like a ranked team, we don't play like a 3rd place team, the Houston bowl is better than we deserve, if we didn't have David and...