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    Take a coaching search breather and watch 45 mins of MBB highlights from 1985!

    The dunking thread got me thinking about Barry Stevens, and I managed to find this on youtube. Check out the 4:20 mark in this video - Hornacek throws a granny style alley-oop from just inside half court (right on the money of course) to a flying Grayer after time has expired just for the heck...
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    Coaching Search: Place your bets

    Since everyone posting on CF these days is a certified college basketball coaching search expert, time to share your knowledge. Answer the following.... Who do you WANT to hire? (Craig Smith) Who do you think we WILL hire? (TJ) Who do you definitely NOT want to hire? (Hoiberg) Go!
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    Wonder if LW gets to play in the G-league "combine?" This will be interesting to me. As I understand it, the next 40 nba draft eligible players who don't make the top 60 invites to the real combine, will play in the G-league combine. There's an outside chance a few top...
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    Big Man Recruiting - Prohm's luck will change

    All of the hand wringing by our fans this year about our lack of size in the middle is probably no surprise to our coaching staff - they've pretty much pulled every lever they could in a short time frame - and unfortunately mostly (thus far) struck out. I bet with more time (and the law of...
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    MBB B12 schedule quirk for our away games

    Sometimes I look ahead at the b12 schedule to see what games the teams we face have played right before us. This year, the set up looks terrible, making tough road games to win even tougher. Every single one of our away games except KU, the home team will have been on the road the game...
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    Michael Jacobson/Waukee - did we recruit this kid?

    man, these are the type of kids I'd really love to see on the cyclones in the future. size, athleticism, great student, hard worker....these kind of players always find their way to the court (check out his weight room transformation!)...
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    Question about Uber in Des Moines

    SIAP.... Can you make money driving for Uber in Des Moines? Is Uber very popular in Des Moines? Are there too many uber drivers already in Des Moines? Can you make it work as a full time job or is it best as supplemental income? Curious if anyone has any knowledge on this - thanks.
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    There are single tickets available on united center/tickermaster page

    just got the text alert that there are tickets available, all session, looks like singles only. $250 I think.
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    NCAA tourney gambling game - 8 people "draft" 8 teams

    Does anybody else do this instead of the typical bracket game? We take 8 people in our office and do a "snake" draft so everyone gets 8 teams. You need 8 wins to breakeven. Our group is mixed between sports/basketball diehards and some who barely watch a single game all year. This year...
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    How quickly can ISU become an Under Armour School??

    Nike only pays us 460K annually, and Yale just got 16.5 million....
  11. brokenloginagain Ipad App Help

    i'm not getting any sound on the ipad app - any ideas? yes i've turned up the volume with the ipad buttons and the sound icon is saying there should be sound. sorry if this is covered before but I get the video just fine, but no sound.
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    DG's contract guaranteed for the year

    Congrats to Diante Garrett, who as of 5pm yesterday now has a guaranteed NBA contract for the rest of the year. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm making just a bit less than DG's $788k this year. One of my all-time favorite cyclones!
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    Kane vs. Smart

    pretty impressive. Arizona, Syracuse stride into 2014 as top teams - College Basketball - Luke Winn -
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    What Iowa player will be Boo-ed by Cyclone Alley?

    Gotta be Uthoff, right?
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    Live by the three....

    you know what they always say. which of course means its not true. we seem to win the big games when we're off from three.
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    Diante Garrett - what a great start for him with the jazz last night!

    ESPN 700 | Diante Garrett – Jazz Practice – 11-14-13 So happy for DG - one of my all-time favorite cyclones! Funny interview after practice today.
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    shirts/kins scrimmage in hilton today?

    does the bball team still play in hilton before football games or did that end like 20 yrs ago. are they playing today? anybody know?
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    travis ford recruiting tactics - impersonating a 13 yr old girl

    ford quickly giving scott drew a run for biggest coaching dork in the big 12. what a tool. Y! SPORTS
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    RSCI Rankings

    Recruiting Services Consensus Index For anyone who's really bored, it'd be interesting to see the RSCI rankings for all of our recruits/transfers over the years. I took a quick look and saw Royce at #31, Chris Allen #40, Craig Brackins #51, Matt Thomas #52, George Niang #71, and Will Blalock...
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    3 pt contests

    So Tyrus "loses" on a technicality, and Matt Thomas makes the finals, only to lose to a KU recruit. That sounds about right. Man KU going to be even more annoying with a lights out shooter in Frankamp - we're going to hate that guy.