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  1. ISUChippewa

    Where will Iowa State end after this season?

    CFH's first team finished right at .500 (16-16). I love this offseason so far, but we haven't seen these guys play together in an organized, official game yet, so I'm personally willing to pump the brakes a bit here. Without knowing what our non-con looks like I'll be happy with 10 wins total...
  2. ISUChippewa

    Favorite Movie Scenes

  3. ISUChippewa

    Favorite Movie Scenes

    Really good movie and that fight scene is phenomenal. However, it's not my favorite scene of the whole movie. You can probably think of the one that I like a little better ;)
  4. ISUChippewa

    Favorite Movie Scenes

    I didn't know what to expect going in, but I really, really enjoyed it and thought it was one of the best movies of that year ('19?)
  5. ISUChippewa

    Good for Ra!!!!

    I don't think I've ever seen a post from you that makes me think you are anything less than a truly spectacular a$$hole. That doesn't mean that are necessarily an a$$hole; it's possible we could get along just fine in real life if we ever met in person. But man, you seem really, really angry...
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    Cyclones in the pros (hoops) 2020-2021

    I'm sure this has already been posted, but what is up with Monte? Is he hurt? I haven't seen his name in any box scores lately.
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    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Good, but not great. I enjoyed the series overall, but I agree with the poster above that the middle stretch of episodes were the best. I think I enjoyed WandaVision more overall.
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    Tuesday Musings Stansbury article

    That was exceptionally written. Well done @JStanz51!
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    Greg McElroy: 'Ludicrous' to call Iowa State football a top-four team

    Honestly, in the context of the whole article, I don't think what he said is really all that outrageous or insulting to us. I don't necessarily agree with him, but he didn't go out of his way to mock us or call us a bad program unworthy of being ranked or anything. I think it's the kind of...
  10. ISUChippewa

    ISU MBB Twitter

    I'm sure it's a combination between George's facial hair and J.R's mask, but GC looked about 5 years older when he stood next to J.R. Also, I can't help but wonder on what Larry Eustachy's opinion on yoga for basketball players is. Good to see the guys having some fun.
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    Those Who Left

    Don't forget about Tyler Harris either.
  12. ISUChippewa

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    That was absolutely chilling.
  13. ISUChippewa

    Walking Dead

    I watched the Negan backstory episode last night and thought of this half-season or whatever you want to call it that they saved the best episode for last. The 2nd Carol and Daryl episode was just an absolute waste of time. Covid protocols and tight filming schedule or not, I cannot believe...
  14. ISUChippewa

    Mt. Flushmore of ISU Athletics

    No, I'm not joking. Players like Wesley Johnson, Lucca Staiger, and many others that all left/transferred early happened under Greg McDermott. How is WM responsible for that? Greg's best season at ISU happened in his first season, when all of these supposedly program-damaging loss of...
  15. ISUChippewa

    Mt. Flushmore of ISU Athletics

    CyLyte is a f*cking moron who goes out of his way to be as obnoxious and unpleasant to everyone as humanly possible. There are reasons why he is one of the few posters I've put on ignore.
  16. ISUChippewa

    Mt. Flushmore of ISU Athletics

    Now this is just silly. WM will not and should not be on ISU's own Mount Rushmore, but he only had 3 seasons as our head coach and made the postseason (one NIT, one NCAA with a first round victory) in 2 of them. Even in his last season he still finished with a winning record (16-14). How on...
  17. ISUChippewa

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I'm enjoying the series so far. Just as much as I came to enjoy "Wandavision" after the initial WTF vibes of the first couple of episodes faded away. Definitely pretty edgy and gritty for the Marvel/Disney universe. There was actually a lot of violence in the most recent episode that somewhat...
  18. ISUChippewa

    Beard to Texas

    I've read that the Ulric Maligi (?) guy who is currently on their bench is a future head coach. Why not just go ahead and promote him?
  19. ISUChippewa

    Beard to Texas

    I get what you're writing in principle, but did Beard specifically ever complain about the transfer issue? If not, it seems unfair to me to use it against him.
  20. ISUChippewa

    Beard to Texas

    Unleash all of the semi-obnoxious hot takes!