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  1. cycloneryan

    Alamo Bowl gamewatch

    Any word yet on places around Des Moines that may be hosting a party for the bowl game? CF hosting anything?
  2. cycloneryan

    Anyone going to the Akron game?

    I am heading out to the Akron game this weekend and was curious how many others will be there. It would be sweet if ISU fans could tailgate in the same spot before the game. Looking at the Akron message board it doesn't look like there is a ton of tailgating space, not surprising considering the...
  3. cycloneryan

    Des Moines game watch for the Colorado game

    Since the game on Friday is at a weird time (4PM), I was wondering if there are any happy hours that would be a good spot to watch the game in the Des Moines area.
  4. cycloneryan

    FS: Single ticket for sale - NDSU v. ISU

    I have a single ticket for sale for the opening game on Saturday. Section: L Row: 25 $50 for the ticket or best offer. Message me if interested. I can meet anywhere in the Des Moines area
  5. cycloneryan

    WTB: 2 tickets to the OSU game on 03/08

    Interested in a couple tickets to the OSU game on 03/08, message me if you have a couple and what you are asking for them.
  6. cycloneryan

    Sopranos named best written show of all time

    The Writers Guild of America has named The Sopranos the best written show ever. It is one of my favorites but not sure it is the best ever. My top five would be: 1. The West Wing 2. Seinfeld 3. LOST 4. The Wire 5. Sopranos Check out the link for their full list 'The Sopranos' and 'Seinfeld'...
  7. cycloneryan

    4 tickets available for the OU game tomorrow

    $40 bucks per ticket. PM me if interested. They are at will-call so we would need to meet before the game. thanks!
  8. cycloneryan

    Bars open on Welch

    So with the grim weather report out there, does anyone know if any of the bars on Welch are open before the game? May be a little nicer than huddling under the tailgate tent to avoid getting drenched.
  9. cycloneryan

    Watching the bowl game in Des Moines?

    I wasn't sure if there was a game watch planned in DSM yet. Anybody know if one? Taking a few hours off work to watch the game with some cold ones doesn't sound too bad to me!
  10. cycloneryan

    Osemele on Sporting News' Meanest in College football list

    The Meanest Men in College Football - NCAA Football - Sporting News Sorry if it has been posted already. Pretty cool though!
  11. cycloneryan

    S6 Parking Pass for Baylor Game 4 Sale

    Selling 1 parking pass to the Baylor game on Oct. 17. Pass is to Lot S6, great tailgating area. Selling for $20. Message me if interested.
  12. cycloneryan

    Need Baylor game tix

    Anyone with 2 spare Baylor game tickets please let me know. I think hillside is all that is left. Thanks.
  13. cycloneryan

    New Big 12 blog. Good Stuff

    I ran accross this blog that has a Big 12 pre-season prediction section and a pretty interesting debate on what they think is the drink of choice for each Big 12 coach would be. I though some of the observations were pretty funny. Here is the address... This Ain't Intramurals I love the name...
  14. cycloneryan

    Need 3 for the KU game

    Anyone with 3 extras please let me know by sending me a pm.
  15. cycloneryan

    Wanted: 2 ISU vs. Kent St. tickets

    If anyone has a couple extra tickets for tomorrow's game let me know.
  16. cycloneryan

    Test your ISU I.Q.

    Just saw this quiz on Iowa State's website. It tests how well you know the history of the University. I thought I knew quite a bit but this test is fairly tough. Check it out. I missed 7. Iowa State University History Quiz
  17. cycloneryan

    Rick Reilly to start on ESPN this week. Huge contract.

    One of the best sports writers ever is starting work at ESPN this week. There were times when I only read his column in SI and tossed that magazine after that. Even though he is great at what he does I couldn't believe what he got paid at ESPN, $17 million over 5 years. Not too bad.
  18. cycloneryan

    Amazing golf story

    Article in the register today about a man who sank two hole in ones in the same round in Muscatine. 67 million to one odds. Golf: Letts golfer shoots pair of aces | | The Des Moines Register
  19. cycloneryan

    ISU vs. Hampton...Top 10 Tourny upsets

    Time magazine ranked that horrible day as one of the top 10 tournament uspets in history. (15) Hampton 58, (2) Iowa State 57, 2001 - Top 10 NCAA Tournament First Round Upsets - TIME
  20. cycloneryan

    New Basketball Uniforms

    I don't know if they have been released yet but does anyone know what our basketball uniforms will look like next year with the logo and color changes?