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  1. CapnCy

    Kansas City Royals Tickets

    Hello Fanatics, I have a pair of vouchers for two tickets to a KC Royals game this year. Picked up as part of a gift basket and I don't think we have plans to go down to KC this spring/summer. There are some restrictions listed on voucher (see photo). I have two of these. PM me an offer.
  2. CapnCy


    My wife is out of town and due to the snow may not get I was seeing if anyone that can't travel would want to have three "butts in the seats" for your tickets? My kids and I would go. Again, last minute and more looking for otherwise I'll not venture out and enjoy in warm...
  3. CapnCy

    Gameday Song Playlist

    Hello...I'm wanting to make a playlist of songs that ARE played during games (not that we WANT) played. Please comment if you can add any that you've heard and are regulars. This can be football or basketball.So far I've got: Living on a Prayer: Bon Jovi Sweet Caroline: Neil Diamond Baba...
  4. CapnCy

    Welcome team home

    Anyone know ETA on the team rolling into Ames? Would love to welcome them back! Post any info.
  5. CapnCy

    FS: SJSU parking pass (C1/C2)

    I have a C1/C2 parking pass for the game this weekend. PM me an offer if you are going and need a spot.
  6. CapnCy

    Fan Vote: Kyven Big 12 Athlete of the Year

    Let's do what we do voting!!!!! Fan Social Voting: Big 12 Male Athlete of the Year
  7. CapnCy

    Welcome Home?

    Anyone hear when the team is expected back? Anyone going to go do a "welcome home" to them? Just thought I'd check. I see few twitter photos of them on the bus, not sure if they are just starting back. Anyone have connections to text a player/manager to get their ETA?
  8. CapnCy

    Kansas State Endzone Upgrade

    They released renderings of their new FB offices/endzone. Looks very nice and really blends into their new press tower.
  9. CapnCy

    Niang vs Hoiberg Jr

    Fun video posted by Randy Peterson Of course, got me thinking, how much school do you think the Hoiberg kids miss due to their dad's job? Wonder how the school handles it? Meaning, remember when you were in school and...
  10. CapnCy

    Discretionary Timeout?

    So I am home with a sick kid today and was just flipping channels and watched some of the Iowa/Michigan game from 1985. I assume this rule is gone now, but Harbaugh was at the line and the ref called a timeout because the crowd was too loud. The announcer then said, "The ref can use a...
  11. CapnCy

    FS: S5 Parkin pass for Okie State Game

    I have one S5 parking pass for the game Saturday. This is the paced lot on the SE side, real close. $30 obo. PM me. Would need to meet tonight to exchange in Ames.
  12. CapnCy

    Hoiberg Coaching Techniques

    I couldn't find this posted anywhere else, but I'd seen DVD's on ebay before and today saw this on Youtube. Love hearing his techniques on ball spacing and seeing how he coaches.
  13. CapnCy

    Little Cael Sanderson

    So I picked up a box full of my old magazines from my parents house...mostly WWF and Cracked, but had one Sports Illustrated for Kids from 1990 and flipped through it and saw this article. Pretty cool!
  14. CapnCy

    Cyclones Gear/Collectibles Swap

    Hi Fanatics. There have been some cool posts on here by people with their man caves or other cool Cyclones gear. I thought it'd be neat to have a threat if people had "extras" they'd be willing to swap...whether it be unique or cool Cyclone items or autographs. I guess post what you may have...
  15. CapnCy

    Potential Transfer??

    HUGE :jimlad: as I post this. Former Hawkeye’s mom complains about Wisconsin-Green Bay coach | Hawk Central
  16. CapnCy

    Sports Message Boards: What would YOU do?

    If you were a college coach, what would you do in regards to message boards? Explain.
  17. CapnCy

    Funny observation involving a coach

    Have to share this funny story. Was at the men's bb game tonight. I went out to get a clone cone. There was one guy in front of me with a younger daughter. The clone cone guy saw he was wearing a liberty bowl shirt and said, "Were you able to go to that game?" As he said this the guy turned...
  18. CapnCy

    Teacher Whoops

    Just read this article: Got me thinking, thought it may be fun to hear stories from you all of teachers having "whoops" moments. One that came to mind for me was in high school when our English class watched the old...
  19. CapnCy

    A reminder from a past Cyclone great

    I had to share this. Back story, Ennis Haywood and i were good friends at ISU and after and when I was a student my younger sister was a big Hok fan. She was down visiting and Ennis, being Ennis, was very cordial and eager to sign an autograph for her. Don't fret, my sister did go to Iowa, but...
  20. CapnCy

    Motor Cycle: Wanting to buy AND wanting to sell

    Hello Fanatics, I'm in the market for a Kawasaki KLR650. If anyone is selling one in Central Iowa, let me know. PM me or post price/photos to me. I'm also selling a 2006 Harley Sportster XLC. PM for details.