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  1. cycloneryan

    Alamo Bowl gamewatch

    Any word yet on places around Des Moines that may be hosting a party for the bowl game? CF hosting anything?
  2. cycloneryan

    Yes, i did...thanks!

    Yes, i did...thanks!
  3. cycloneryan

    I will be at the game with my friend and his wife. We would be up for joining your tailgate and...

    I will be at the game with my friend and his wife. We would be up for joining your tailgate and celebrate with some Cyclones!
  4. cycloneryan

    Anyone going to the Akron game?

    I am heading out to the Akron game this weekend and was curious how many others will be there. It would be sweet if ISU fans could tailgate in the same spot before the game. Looking at the Akron message board it doesn't look like there is a ton of tailgating space, not surprising considering the...
  5. cycloneryan

    Favorite Cyclone Memory

    Basketball: The 2015 Big 12 tournament in KC was incredible. I was there for a bachelor party weekend. We scalped great seats for the Texas game, right in the corner where Monte made the game winner. We all watched the OU game at Power and Light which was incredible. For the championship game...
  6. cycloneryan

    A Cyclone Fanatic Beer Club: Interested?

    Yes...yes...a million times, yes!
  7. cycloneryan

    Big Brother Season 19

    Paul is quickly becoming one of my favorite BB people of all time. The fact that he isnt even a target for anyone right now is incredible. He also shows how much better he is at the game then anyone else in the house. My one worry is that he comes on a little strong some times and i'm afraid it...
  8. cycloneryan

    Open Letter from Naz

    Not only are we lucky to be a part of CycloneNation, but we are even more lucky to cheer on classy guys like that and the ones that came before him.
  9. cycloneryan

    Lights will be off for Intros

    Step 1: Turn the lights off Step 2: Play Smoke on the Water Step 3: Dominate
  10. cycloneryan

    Seth Davis lists ISU has his Final Four darkhorse

    I have spent the entire off-season trying to keep my expectations down for this team to protect myself from being disappointed. Between watching the exhibition game and excited to get to Hilton at the end of the week for the season opener that has all gone out the window. I am totally drinking...
  11. cycloneryan

    Iowa State v. K-State game time is set ...

    Can't wait to set the alarm clock for 3:30 AM again to get to the lots by 5...grrr!
  12. cycloneryan

    RECRUITING: ISU visiting pair of 2019 five-stars while in Memphis area

    The caliber of players they are going after and in some cases getting is incredible. I really love Fred and all he did to put our program back on the map but I don't know that his strategy to do so would have been sustainable. Everyone seems to be going after transfers now so the competition for...
  13. cycloneryan

    That burnt out feeling...

    I was in the exact same boat working at an insurance company. Just decided to go back to school and get my teaching certification and am now student teaching. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge or you will go absolutely crazy, I got really tired of coming home and being miserable because...
  14. cycloneryan

    Night game - BAD IDEA

    I was at the 2002 game and had an awesome time tailgating beforehand. The only thing bad I remember were some iowa fans throwing beer bottles after the game. That being said, I have been to games there before that started early and it was the drunken disaster we expect it to be Saturday night...
  15. cycloneryan

    Iowa State Confidence Picks Game

    UNI win 10 points Iowa lose 7 points TCU lose 9 points SJSU win 6 points Baylor lose 8 points OSU lose 4 points UT lose 5 points KSU win 3 points OU lose 11 points KU win 12 points TTU lose 2 point WVU win 1 points
  16. cycloneryan

    New Oskaloosa brewery steal Peace Tree's beer name?

    Peacetree is WAY of the worst breweries in Iowa. I don't understand why they get so much love.
  17. cycloneryan

    So Now Who is Your Starting 5?

    I like that there will be a competition and there is some wiggle room if an injury pops up.
  18. cycloneryan

    Prohm on Rome

  19. cycloneryan

    Bad Neighbor Stories

    I currently have a neighbor that is obsessed with hockey and seems to want his son to be the next Wanye Gretzky. With that in mind, he has built the most redneck looking "hockey rink" in their backyard. Not only is this a giant eyesore but every time it gets a little warmer and it starts to melt...
  20. cycloneryan

    Tom Manning OC

    Ok, lets save some money in the football program. Let's hire everyone from Toledo so we can save on printing new playbooks. Just get some I-State stickers to cover up the Toledo logos on them.