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  1. cyclonedave25

    Best college tailgates by State

    I’ve driven through Northwestern’s campus multiple times on Saturday mornings of home games and you couldn’t convince me there’s a game in a couple hours. But I really don’t know who else you would put above them. Illinois is just too much of a pro sports state. U of Illinois has home crowds...
  2. cyclonedave25

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Ahh ok, I forgot when locations were picked. I always thought it was chosen Saturday night/Sunday morning after that weeks games concluded.
  3. cyclonedave25

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I only pause at Iowa/ISU being the pick here just because its very realistic that Iowa loses to Indiana on week 1.
  4. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    The NEZ probably doesn’t get redone until a big donor wants his name on it and gives a large gift. Same with the pressbox. Im guessing those 2 projects are at the bottom of the list (probably not even on the list), but things could change quickly if some rich person gets sick of looking at...
  5. cyclonedave25

    Boat Buying Advice???

    I’ll save you the headache and money... don’t buy that boat. Guaranteed the issues go way beyond a dead battery. The 2 best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. But considering the condition of that boat, the 2 best days are the day you finally get it running...
  6. cyclonedave25

    Georges Niang Update - Jazz success

    His wiki page says he’s still playing in Russia.
  7. cyclonedave25

    ISU MBB Twitter

    Allen Fieldhouse capacity is 16,300.
  8. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    I was just looking at adding another field on the south end. And yes, you can squeeze in 3 full fields in that area if they are able/want to go closer to Beach.
  9. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Ah ok, I wasn’t sure how dated that satellite photo was. But, it does look like they can fit 2 full fields there if they went into that hill along Beach Ave with those trees and bushes.
  10. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Not sure how bad they want to keep that row of bushes/trees along Beach and the current practice field, but if they dug into those, it really gives a lot more space. They have space for 3 full fields if they could utilize all that room. And they keep the West entrance and truck access.
  11. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    I didn’t even think about the truck access.
  12. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    Are any of the interior spaces completed and being used yet? Like the dining center, locker rooms, offices, academic center etc.
  13. cyclonedave25

    JTS Improvements - Want More

    After some careful calculations using satellite view and my naked eye, there would be enough space to fit 2 full fields side by side. You would have to move the current field over next to those bushes/trees and remove the West entrance/steps to fit the other field. Not sure they want to...
  14. cyclonedave25

    Football Season Ticket Renewal and Prices

    The release said bidding and construction begins this summer and expected to be done “early Fall 2022”. Im guessing JP will be pushing them to have it done by the first game.
  15. cyclonedave25

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Brown at FB lead blocking for Breece. That’s basically a guaranteed 2-3 yards, right?
  16. cyclonedave25

    ***Official 2021 Vikings***

    Could have used better highlights, but whatever. Lol
  17. cyclonedave25

    2021 NFL draft thread

    Kene to the Vikings. 14th pick in 4th round.
  18. cyclonedave25

    2021 NFL draft thread

    OL. Every other pick for Chicago needs to be OL.
  19. cyclonedave25

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    Good protection, bad rolling resistance. Check out Michelin Pro 4 Endurance, those are good protection and good rolling resistance. I’ve ridden them for the last 5,000ish miles (I’m on my second set) and only had 2-3 flats and one was a pinch flat. (All on the Chicago bike trail which is 50%...