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  1. cyclonedave25

    United Airlines Check-In

    I’m flying United for the first time tomorrow and thought I read someplace that if you are flying basic economy and NOT checking a bag, you are unable to check in online and must check in at the counter. Is that still true? Because I just checked in via the app and I got my boarding pass. Did...
  2. cyclonedave25

    Fan reaction compilation video

  3. cyclonedave25

    Cyclone Game Center: #1 Oklahoma edition

    Another good one. Niang, Thomas, and Prohm sit in for this one. Lots of good banter.
  4. cyclonedave25

    ISU +3.5 vs ND

    Opened lower than I thought. I would imagine that line moves to +6-7 pts by kickoff.
  5. cyclonedave25

    Ap Poll

    Tied at 25th with Nebraska.
  6. cyclonedave25

    First Bracketology for 2019-20

    So dumb to have these out so soon, but whatever. Joe has us as a 4 seed in the Midwest. I wonder if he knows we are likely losing Wiggy and THT? Sign me up for this please.
  7. cyclonedave25


    Say what you want about the refs, but poor free throw shooting cost us the game.
  8. cyclonedave25

    San Antonio fan stories

    Lets hear some good stories from down south! Entertain me with stories of ISU fans skinny dipping in the river, drinking all the bars out of beer, locals overwhelmed by the shear amounts of ISU fans, etc.
  9. cyclonedave25

    TV for Drake Game

    ISU website says the game is on Mediacom. Anybody know if this will also be available to stream on
  10. cyclonedave25

    Replacing Engine Air Filter Question

    I always replace the air filters myself and am replacing a friends. He got a Wix engine filter and it has a weird white padding/filter glued to the main filter. Something I’ve never seen before. Do I take that off or leave it on? The one he got looks like this:
  11. cyclonedave25

    Kansas St game time

    They are using the 6 day window. Game will either be 6 or 7pm on Fox or FS1.
  12. cyclonedave25

    ISU sports go 8-0 this weekend

    MBB beat Mizzou on Friday WBB beat Niagara on Friday WBB beat NIU today Volleyball beat WVU on Saturday Football beat Baylor on Saturday Mens XC wins Midwest Regional Womens XC wins Midwest Regional Wrestling beat SIU-E today Not a bad parlay right there.
  13. cyclonedave25

    Football Facility and Gameday Plaza Renderings
  14. cyclonedave25

    Student tickets for Kansas Game

    Reminder to any students wanting to get Kansas seats. Today is the last day to get them!
  15. cyclonedave25

    Props to the fans at the game tonight.

    The atmosphere looked insane on TV. The camera was shaking when it got crazy. And when everybody held their cell phones up with the lights on, that looked sweet.
  16. cyclonedave25

    ISU vs Akron 11am on FSN

    Takes me back a decade.
  17. cyclonedave25

    Campbell's contract details

    Salary is $3.5MM. Buyout is $7MM if he leaves after next year. If Pollard is not at ISU, his buyout decreases 50%.
  18. cyclonedave25

    Repainting car part question

    One of my side view mirrors got knocked off the other week, so I ordered a new aftermarket mirror online. It came in the mail today and its a black plastic. My car is also black. My question is, do I need to repaint the plastic black and add a clear coat or can I just keep it as-is? Does...
  19. cyclonedave25

    Iowa State on Jeopardy

    At the 2:00 mark.
  20. cyclonedave25

    Dear Cyclone Alley

    Please stop the “Overrated” chant, it makes Hilton sound dumb. How about a “Cyclone Power” chant? So, WHEN we beat Kansas on Tuesday, don’t chant overrated. If you are a student who chants this, STOP. If you are a student who doesn’t chant it, then encourage others to stop or start a Cyclone...