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  1. Cyforce

    Baseball rules question

    Buddy and I were discussing a hypothetical. Years ago I umpired but this situation never came up and I've never seen this in a rulebook but I worked through it based on how other situations would be resolved. Bottom of last inning 2 outs, 2 on. Batter hits a walk off homerun but the lead...
  2. Cyforce

    21-22 pieces that fit

    Not going to get expectations too high but wanted to discuss how many of our players fit in a Big XII quality rotation. First and foremost gotta get that PG, hopefully we hold on to Hunter. If not TJ has to find someone because obviously we don't have a guy that can do the job. However, I do...
  3. Cyforce

    2021 Offense weakest link WR

    At least that's what we're hearing from the outside. If true and we have a 1st team AC wide out returning i like our chances. 2 deep at the X & Z should be Hutchinson, Shaw, Scates and Jackson. My guess for future contributors are Bitter and Michaud. So do I have the right 6? M seems...
  4. Cyforce

    Michael Reaves past away

    Was BJs backup, those teams were really fun to watch. Solid player just behind a super star. However, in Dr. Tom's system he got respectable minutes...
  5. Cyforce

    Who's going to punt for us this fall?

    Our offense should be able to turn him into the Maytag repairman, but just incase has one of the seniors decided to comeback or are one of our KO guys going to pull double duty?
  6. Cyforce

    Looks like Campbell broke their process 24/7 explains how we recruit like Kansas but play like Oklahoma.
  7. Cyforce

    What??? No Born v. Drake thread

    How is this not a thing?
  8. Cyforce

    Way 2 early depth chart Defense

    Well, are they right...
  9. Cyforce

    Montgomery having a day

    6 carries 106 yards w/ a TD At the half.
  10. Cyforce

    All conference probables

    This year should be unprecedented for the good guys. QB deserving, guessing 2nd RB Obviously TE Yes WR again deserving probably 2nd OL shouldn't get stiffed with a Heisman candidate DL multiple LB Possible DPOY DB Multiple KR Very Possible
  11. Cyforce

    Ferentz to the NFL???

    Seems like perfect timing for Kirk. Jets have an opportunity to draft a generational QB, Who better than BF to develop an elite talent. Plus he would be able to reunite with his BFF Doyle.
  12. Cyforce

    Apparently Iowa has 2 wins v. ranked teams
  13. Cyforce

    Illingsworth is a Covid scratch Most importantly I wish the kid a speedy recovery. But with Sanders going out injured you have to wonder how they'd fare v. Tech without either QB?
  14. Cyforce

    Inflexibility in scheduling

    Can someone explain why Baylor is playing one win Tech this Saturday instead of Ok St?
  15. Cyforce

    Blackwell, how much PT will he see?

    I've read here he's impressing. Without a true PG is it possible Blackwell starts at the four with Johnson taking a more active role running the offense? Jackson and Harris seem to be the favorites to take the fifth starter spot but having another guy with length on the floor couldn't hurt.
  16. Cyforce

    Downing and Ramos injuries

    Haven't heard anything lately. Has anyone heard how they are progressing and an idea on a timeliness for their return?
  17. Cyforce

    Lou Groza Award

    Has a kicker ever won this that doesn't kick off or has his back up for 52 yard attempts?
  18. Cyforce

    Favorite BiG Team

    I love how much Pat Fitzgerald hates Iowa.
  19. Cyforce

    I had no idea...

    forced monkey labor was a thing...
  20. Cyforce

    Buckeyes will be missing 12 v. Bugeaters

    Miyan Williams out for undisclosed reason...