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  1. DFWClone

    Phil Hawes

    Watching UFC tonight and heard he wrestled at Iowa State. He instantly became one of my favorite UFC fighters. He’s won 3 straight UFC fights and has been looking great.
  2. DFWClone

    Watching TV/Sports in Cabo

    I am going to Cabo and staying at a resort with the family over thanksgiving. What should I expect for TV watching? Do most resorts have American TV or have football on there? I’m a little bit worried I’m not going to be able to watch any football while I’m there...
  3. DFWClone

    Phoenix Arizona game watch

    According to the Alumni page, there is a cyclone game watch at The Sasquatch Lodge Kitchen. Has anyone gone to this/goes to this? How is it? Are there a bunch of cyclone fans there? Solid place? TIA
  4. DFWClone

    Chicago sports bars

    I need a sportsbar to hang out and watch basketball at on Saturday around the magnificent mile and the river. I would prefer lots of tvs and good drinks Any recs? Thanks
  5. DFWClone

    $190,000 approved by Student Gov for concert in the spring This looks very interesting and fun. I wonder what artists they will be getting for this concert.
  6. DFWClone

    Need 1 ticket

    need a ticket. Can be anywhere. Just need to get in the game. Gonna sit in the student section.
  7. DFWClone

    WTB: 1 anywhere, just want to get in

    Looking to buy 1 ticket, I want to get in the gate and go to the student section.Trying to keep it around $50. If anyone wants to get rid of a ticket late, message me. I can meet before the game on Saturday or Friday night.
  8. DFWClone

    FS: 2 tickets OSU game

    Section S, row 19, seat 3 and 4 PM if interested.
  9. DFWClone

    FS: Selling all student basketball tickets for after Christmas.

    Not sure exactly how well these will sell on here since there aren't as many students on here. But I got a co-op and will not be in Ames for the spring semester. I am selling all the big12 games after Christmas break. I think it's 7 games. I am including the KU game. If interested send me a...
  10. DFWClone

    Places to eat in Milwaukee

    What's everyone like? Just casual type places. Tia
  11. DFWClone

    Places to watch the Mayweather-Pacman fight

    Anyone have any insight on places that will be showing the fight in the Des Moines/Ames area? I know movie theaters sometimes show boxing fights, anyone know of any? TIA
  12. DFWClone

    FS: Single Ticket vs Baylor

    Section 236, Row 2, PM if interested.
  13. DFWClone

    Haircut in Ames

    What's everyone's go to barber in Ames? I've been going to All-cuts in campustown but I'm looking to switch it up. Anyone got any recs?
  14. DFWClone

    Single for sale to the WVU game

  15. DFWClone

    Selling single ticket to ISU/TCU MBB game

    Section 236, row 2. Pm if interested.
  16. DFWClone

    FS: Single ticket for the ISU/TX game

    Section 236, row 2. Pm with an offer or if you're interested.
  17. DFWClone

    New construction on south duff

    Maybe this has been discussed before but I missed it if it has been. Does anyone know what is going in the building being built next to or near the texas road house?
  18. DFWClone

    FS: Single KU ticket

    Section 236, row 3 $175. Pm for details
  19. DFWClone

    FS: Selling KU ticket

    Sec 236, Row 3. PM me if interested
  20. DFWClone

    The defense

    It's been like this for years. This shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Messingham got fired last year. How has Wally survived all this time? He should've been fired a long time ago. He's terrible. He makes zero adjustments in game (not that it would help anything). Rhoads should be fired alone for...