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    Tristan Enaruna Commits

  2. DFWClone

    Caleb Grill is Returning to Iowa State

    Let’s go
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    Rogan interviewed Gable

    Good god. We have the biggest babies on this board. It’s a Joe Rogan interview. Get over yourselves.
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    Tyrese Hunter PG '21 - Committed!

    This is dumb
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    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what some of you expected. It was either TJ or some assistant. There are several openings in the Midwest right now that are either better jobs than ISU or pay more than we can pay. I’m okay with TJ. He’s what we need right now. If we hired TJ after Fred left with ISU...
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    STANZ: Coaching Search Hot Board 1.0

    Bring the man home. (If not, Otz plz)
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    UFC 259!

    Btw, instead of illegal streaming, hit up your local bar that’s showing it. They can use the business.
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    UFC 259!

    Izzy, nunes, Yan
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    IDEA: Iowa Craft Beer Tent set up at Football Gamedays

    Hit the nail on the head here. You think a college kid is going to be paying $8 for a 12oz beer? We wouldn’t buy beer if the the 30 rack cost more than $15.
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    Housing in Phoenix

    People are leaving due to the cold too. For some crazy reason, people are starting to realize that they don’t have to live in a place where half the year is ruined by the weather.
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    Housing in Phoenix

    My girlfriend and I rented in a neighborhood last year where 3 bed 2 baths homes are now going for 500k-600k in north scottsdale/desert ridge area right now. Wild stuff.
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    Housing in Phoenix

    It is Californians. They’re selling their homes in California to escape taxes, pollution, and traffic. Then coming over here and offering full ask plus 10%-20% on the homes for sale here. I’m sorry but the majority of Tuscan is disgusting and the parts that aren’t gross, cost just as much as...
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    Best Dorm?

    I really miss college.
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    Phil Hawes

    Watching UFC tonight and heard he wrestled at Iowa State. He instantly became one of my favorite UFC fighters. He’s won 3 straight UFC fights and has been looking great.
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    Seven years ago today:

    I was at that game :sick brag, I know:
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    Jared Barnett to Coach Roosevelt High

    Love to see it
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    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    I don’t think you offended anyone. The statement you made is just incorrect, that’s all.
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    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    Clown post right here.
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    PJ Fleck front runner for Tennessee job?

    I love all these old has-been schools (Nebraska, Tennessee, etc.) that were good in the 90’s that think they’re still relevant. No one other than their 50-60+ year old fans have ever seen them have a good team. They always think they should be better than they always are and always think they...
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    New class 5A for HS Football.

    For each classification, the state of Texas does 2 different brackets for the playoffs. 4 teams make the playoffs from each division and the top 2 enrollments in the division make bracket A and the bottom 2 enrollments make bracket B. Seems like that may need to happen in Iowa to help curb the...