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  1. RonBurgundy

    NCAA FB Dominoes Continue to Fall

    There are several more dominoes falling after P5 cancelling all or most of non-conference games. - Now FBS UConn cancels entire season. - Now Penn State announces there will be no fans in stands this year. Dominoes keep falling. Ugh. Would hate to see season cancelled. Would also hate to...
  2. RonBurgundy

    Iowa MBB Suspending Workouts

    2 positive tests on team. I did not know MBB were working out. What is the scoop? Are ISU players working out also?
  3. RonBurgundy

    KO Inks 1 Year Deal w Chiefs

    Wooo! I guess he will be plan B for LDT taking the year off to be a doctor during the pandemic.
  4. RonBurgundy

    NCAA 2020 March Madness Cancelled

    Wow. I had heard there was discussion of cutting it to 16 teams and no audience, but gone.
  5. RonBurgundy

    FS: 2 Camping World Section 132

    Two mobile tickets in Section 132, Row T, on the aisle seats 1&2. Can transfer via Bought 2, but now our group is 7 people, so going to buy seats together and sell these. Face value was $141, will sell for $75 each. DM me if interested.
  6. RonBurgundy

    Sanford Pentagon

    Somebody help me understand the attraction of playing MBB games at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls. I think it only holds 3,250 fans. I see Wisconsin-St Mary's and Oklahoma-Minnesota are playing there this year. I know both ISU and Iowa have also played there. Is there a good payout?
  7. RonBurgundy

    FS: G6 Parking Pass for Texas on 11/16

    G6 parking pass for Texas game. $100. DM me if interested.
  8. RonBurgundy


    Looks like Okie State's RFr QB, Sanders, has been struggling. 5 TD/9 INT in last five games. ISU defense will need to step up and shut down RB Chuba Hubbard. Here is how we fared against some of the conferences best rushers in 2018 (not named David). Alex Barnes(KSU) ISU: 28 for...
  9. RonBurgundy

    Fun ISU Praise

    From Bill Connelly at ESPN: The 10 teams I have enjoyed following the most this year Each year, I find myself enjoying specific stories and writing about specific teams more than others. The list tends to change from season to season, but here's where things currently stand: 6. Iowa State...
  10. RonBurgundy

    20 Year-Old Des Moines Kid Arrested w McLovin ID

    Not sure whether to laugh or give this kid mad props for the attempt.
  11. RonBurgundy

    KSU Farmageddon

    I like that KSU is routinely scheduled as a rival game on last weekend. Two similar programs, and WVU rivalry is too forced. Anyone open to a 2 year swing back through Arrowhead for Farmageddon?
  12. RonBurgundy

    WTB: 2 SEZ Tickets for KU Game

    Looking for two SEZ tickets to KU game on 11/23. $100 each? DM me if interested.
  13. RonBurgundy

    WTB: Need a Single for SEZ vs TCU

    I need a single to get my daughter into SEZ for 10/5 game versus TCU. Might take two if price is reasonable and I will be responsible for reselling.
  14. RonBurgundy

    FS: G6 Parking Pass for OSU on 10/26

  15. RonBurgundy

    FS: G6 Parking Pass for ULM

    G6 parking pass for 9/21 ULM Game. $50 DM if interested.
  16. RonBurgundy

    Awesome Assessment of ISU Talent

    This is just some great work by Alex Halsted at 247. First graph is trend of ISU talent. This is NOT recruiting ratings, but the cumulative rating of the 85 man squad. Just look at how CMC has improved the team. This second one is even cooler. This is broken down by position. Clear...
  17. RonBurgundy

    Let's Get This Cranked Up!

  18. RonBurgundy

    Lindy's Has ISU at #23

    Very little meat on the bone here.
  19. RonBurgundy

    Athletic Article on Pac-10 Play for Pac-16

    Good article on the history of the Pac-10 trying to poach the Big 12 and form a Pac-16 Superconference. Written by our old friend Ubben. For those that don't have Athletic, bottom line, Texas was really not...
  20. RonBurgundy

    WTB: 2 SEZ Tickets for Iowa

    Need 2 for my elderly grandpa. Offer $300 each, or let me know what you need.