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    Positive Covid News

    Probably gonna get closed or nuked somehow but hey the anthem thread lasted more than 3 posts. Some potentially big steps forward. I likely had it in March, was positive at 3 different places for antibodies and recently was negative for antibodies so this personally intrigues me along with...
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    USC/Utah poor attendance

    Has it been raining there or something? Looks about like a MAC Thursday night game in November compared to what you'd think for a place with that kind of history.
  3. M

    **2019 College Football**

    Gonna ignore that horrible game from last weekend. Few games on tonight to get the fix. UCLA/Cinci now and Chipper Dan's Gophers in two hours.
  4. M

    Florida just don't give a ****

  5. M

    State basketball radio stream

    Can anyone point me in the direction to listen via phone? I'm gonna be traveling today and would like to listen. Would be coming through Dubuque area.
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    Simpson's (Michigan) hook shot

    I think he's really not that great overall but that hook shot is actually pretty cool. And all these years later, it's still really hard to defend.
  7. M

    Buzzer beaters

    Just had Wichita State/UConn on randomly and WSU hit a last second shot on a runner to win it. It's March tomorrow. Arguably the best sporting event takes place in a few weeks, and even some of these late regular season and conference tourney games can get crazy. What are some of your most...
  8. M

    Miles playing the bench

    Looks like he inserted his bench for bad play from the starters. I guess maybe their lost season is not just because they're not Iowa State?
  9. M

    Zion Williamson?

    Anyone ever heard of him? Apparently he played basketball today for some school. Was just wondering because the 10 minute segments on him they do at every break on ESPN haven't been annoying at all.
  10. M

    **All College Basketball Thread**

    Wasn't sure if one was started but just a general talk of all basketball teams. Watching MSU and Ohio State now and KSU/Tech and OSU/OU just got under way. VA and Florida State (both top ten) on at 2 PM. Good time of year and supplemented by NFL playoffs.
  11. M

    If Nebraska wants to get into the tourney....

    The coach should go see if ISU won road games in the past few seasons of making the tourney. I think the committee likes road wins.
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    Mike Stoops out

    About time. OU's defense vs. their talent has been a head scratcher for some time now.
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    **OSU Look a like Thread**

    This might be the most excitement entering a season with the least amount of enthusiasm during. I dig the letter jackets.
  14. M

    ***Week 3 College Football***

    What is this, the offseason? Have we no joy? Some interesting games today in the Big 12 including OSU-TCU, Okie State-Boise St. Otherwise there's not a ton of great matchups today although Ole Miss might give Bama fits.
  15. M

    ***OU Look Alike Thread?***

    Are we so depressed about a football loss that we've forgotten how to enjoy the season? Roster here, if there's a better source post it:
  16. M

    Media players for running/jogging

    Any suggestions and any that are transferable with itunes? I had the last of the ipod shuffle, and lost it, and they quit making them. I refuse to use my phone or buy a full on ipod. The shuffle was great because it was $50, I could just put it in my pocket, and could shift through songs...
  17. M

    Jaws 3

    It's on AMC right now. What's the best (bad) scene? This one is always pretty amazingly bad: What are some other good/bad movie scenes that you have no other choice but to enjoy?
  18. M

    ISU Tx showing on ESPN3

    Weird but cool!
  19. M


    Crazy fun ending here. 71-70 OSU with 5 seconds left. Didn't realize FSU is ranked.
  20. M

    Gif thread re: football?

    Just an thing that helped me get through the UAB loss was the reaction gifs. Anyone? Please?