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  1. MuskieCy

    THT on TNT!!!!

    THT has 10 minutes of game time, 9 to go in the game against the Rockets. Marv Albert talking how the 19 year old looks NBA ready.
  2. MuskieCy

    CR Gaz exposes mismanagement at eiu

    eiu has had 9X more financial payouts than Iowa State since 2015. The train wreck is ongoing.
  3. MuskieCy

    The canary in the coal mine?

    Nipped from CW's excellent piece. The MAC is killing costs through 2024.
  4. MuskieCy

    Fauci and the near future of sporting contests

    Dr. A. Fauci feels that non-spectator competitions can start this summer. Weekly testing and isolation of competitors would be required.
  5. MuskieCy

    JP all over WaPo article

    JP is shown to be a great leader in this article published today in the Washington Post. We are lucky he is on our side.
  6. MuskieCy

    Richard "D###" Pound says........

    Richard "D(i)ck" Pound says something about the Olympics. D(i)ck Pound. How about Fonda Dicks marries D(i)ck Pound. Fonda Pound,.......kind of like Fonda Dicks...
  7. MuskieCy

    Ever Imagine a World Without Sports?

    Now we get to experience it. I think the last time the planet shut down this hard was 12-07-1941. It looks like The Masters in Augusta, GA is the last holdout for a live sporting competition. Hyper rich dudes making that decision. No country with a tRump branded resort involved with the...
  8. MuskieCy

    NBA Shutting down for a month

    Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive.
  9. MuskieCy

    Monte with a buzzer beater

    Nugs up 7 with :45 to go. That 3 is massive.
  10. MuskieCy

    Why the NFL, when this is the competition

    Time to relax and be thankful for Les Miles to continue the stupidity.
  11. MuskieCy

    Back to D-1 sports,....Jay Bilas tonight,....

    Making excuses for Deputy Dawg getting dog-pounded in the Kennel in Spokane. "So hard with so many health issues." Zags play 7 only. Compares the Zag home court to Cameron Indoor. Polish that frozen turd JB.
  12. MuskieCy

    ND cans its OC

    Gone for the bowl game. Distraction?
  13. MuskieCy

    Turn down the volume

    Dan Dakich just said he will be in Ames Thursday. Bring on the stupid.
  14. MuskieCy

    USC Insider on FB coach search

    On Dan Patrick this morning an USC beat writer on HC Clay Helton, " a mannequin would be better because it would do less damage than Clay Helton.". When asked who he would have liked,"that is easy, Matt Campbell at Iowa State.Also, he would be cheaper than Urban Meyer".
  15. MuskieCy

    Mensa chopping heads off

    Probably he had to. That means he is on double secret probation.
  16. MuskieCy

    o$u in deep do do with the NCAA

    Stillwater U was notified of Level 1 violations today. They will probably get flattened while UNC skates again.
  17. MuskieCy

    Look at what Ashley Joens did today

  18. MuskieCy

    Illini largest comebck ever

    Down 31-10 to start the fourth, they win score 27 to win 37-34. 3:14 left in game, MSU had a 92% WIN probability! Up 31-30, Illini goes on a 13 play game winning drive.
  19. MuskieCy

    Solo's family made it to Corvallis

    In pregame, when he walked on the floor, they gave him a standing ovation. Sweet
  20. MuskieCy

    Nub hoops off to a great start!!!!!!!

    UC Riverside 66 Fred Nubs 47 Nub world,.....