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  1. Wesley

    New Assistant Coach Search?
  2. Wesley

    Favorite Guitar Solo's
  3. Wesley

    Favorite Guitar Solo's

  4. Wesley

    Amazon Prime

    No state tax...
  5. Wesley

    Random Thoughts VII 'Merica (RTTVII)
  6. Wesley

    Random Thoughts VII 'Merica (RTTVII)
  7. Wesley

    Living a summer in California

    How about a four man apartment?
  8. Wesley

    Niang for Mayor website with poster download
  9. Wesley

    OT - Million Dollars a Year to Eat 100 pills a day....
  10. Wesley

    Big Ten about to get paid

    The BIG teams are beginning to become obese with all that money. They will be fat and happy in Champaign.
  11. Wesley

    ****Official Class of 2017 Recruiting Thread****

    Love those 38 ft verticals.
  12. Wesley

    Big Ten about to get paid

    SEC will be enviouss when they watch Fox show Minny vs Illinois football games.
  13. Wesley

    Devin Williams - WVU to the NBA

    Mitch Kupchuk may like him.
  14. Wesley

    NBA: Suns "New" Head Coach: Earl Watson

    Who is left on the Suns roster?
  15. Wesley

    Hey, Tolfbfan!

    Don't let him visit Lubbock then.
  16. Wesley

    NFL: Johnny Manziel loses another agent

    Maybe he can hook up with Chloe on the Kardashian Show and be best buds with Scott.
  17. Wesley

    Nikki Moody sues Bill Fennelly over Racial Discrimination...

    So a million for Bubu and 300k for Nikki. At least we have MC and SP.
  18. Wesley

    OT - Aging Interesting.