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    Program Changing Players

    No surprise here. Lot of love given, considering David left a couple years ago. Summary of Big 12 players to make the list if you don’t have a subscription...
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    Doug Brooks - 2022 DT

    Saw this on ESPN, I know I know not our favorite. The highlights are awesome, but looks like a culture fit by handing the ball off to a teammate to score and carrying his teammate. Looks like Howard Brown with those moves carrying the ball.
  3. 4

    Landen Akers Appreciation and First TD!

    Just wanted to say how awesome that was. Love the mob after by the teammates. Glad he could get that in his last game at Jack Trice.
  4. 4

    Tubby Needs To STFU

    OMG!!!! I’ve never commented on announcers but he is honestly the worst ever!
  5. 4

    Montgomery Missed Tackles Forced

    Last I saw he was at 39 before the OU game. Anyone know where he stands now? Still leading the country? He is starting to look like Saquon and Hunt out there with the moves and missed tackles. Not saying he is as good just yet, but improving all the time.
  6. 4

    Kostas Antetokounmpo

    Has there been any update on Kostas Antetokounmpo? Like the kids size since we are going to be pretty thin in the front court next year.
  7. 4

    For a team that "can't stop a grandma on defense" check out the box score Not bad that the entire starting 5 have a block, 6 players with steals, and forcing OU into almost twice as many tournovers as we committed. Defense is starting to pick up.....
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    UBooster - Legit or Illegal?

    Living down here in SEC country the sports talk radio started advertising "UBooster". The advertisement makes it sound legit, but when you start sending money to a 3rd party on behalf of your university for a recruit, I feel like the NCAA would start raising hell. Don't know if anyone else has...
  9. 4

    Semi Ojeleye - Duke Transfer

    Looks like a SF transferring from Duke. Semi Ojeleye - Transferring Rivals Could pair nicely with Burton and Williams in 2016!
  10. 4

    That's an Iowa football player....

    And they wonder why so many players are arrested each year for underage drinking, this might be why! Chad Greenway wants fans drunk
  11. 4

    K-State vs OU..."Like a Freight Train over a chihuahua"

    The "K-State Mask" Good for a little laugh before this weekends game in the Big 12. I know I'll be watching after this video. Like a Freight Train over a Chihuahua
  12. 4

    Defensive Line Looks Good This Year

    I was a victim to the wedding on the Iowa vs Iowa State weekend so I'm having to re-watch the game now. Something I noticed during the game along with last weeks game is a ton of screen passes against our defense. From my little knowledge of watching both college and pro, you go to this play...
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    ****Official Stop Complaining About Student Turnout Thread****

    I think the title speaks for itself. I don't remember anyone ever complaining about student turnout when we were a below .500 team during McD's tenure, so why are you now??? We are having an amazing year in basketball which we haven't for the last 5 years, so enjoy it!! I can't speak for...
  14. 4

    ISU Conference Stats So Far...

    Looking at the stats from the first two games of the season ISU is ranked near the top in almost all statistical categories. True it helps when you have a great game like Saturday, but defensively we have really picked it up! Hope it continues! Big 12 Stats Giving props to Booker for...
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    Hit Tape for Pinestripe Bowl 2011

    Here it is: Gameday Central Hit Tape : New Era Pinstripe Bowl - YouTube
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    How about this kid returning punts and kicks?

    I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this, but talk about a great move on a punt return. I believe he was channeling his inner "Matrix." Player ‘Matrixes’ his way out of tackle on punt return - Prep Rally - High School Blog - Yahoo! Sports
  17. 4

    Phillip Nolan 2012

    Any news on the recruiting front for Phillip Nolan? There hasn't been a lot of news about him here on cyclonefanatics. He comes from the same high school as DG but I think he is going to prep school in NJ? So would TJ or Matt Abdelmassih be recruiting him? YouTube - ‪Phillip Nolan NY2LA...