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    The world needs sports ...

    I apologize about posting something which I thought would include rational discussion. But, instead, it elicited the same rhetoric I had hoped to avoid. Again, I truly apologize. I hope we have football this fall. Most of us need it whether we know it or not.
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    Iowa Band Allegations

    I, personally, don't like 'premature' disclosure. But on the other hand, if there's validity to it, it must be investigated. The 'inference', by itself, is harmful to ISU. The current state of journalism is to 'infer' in magnitude to garner clicks. I just wish there were repercussions to...
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    Leave it to California

    I lived there for 30 years. One of my best friends is deep inside the Pac-12 office. Since Larry Scott took over things have digressed. So, in a desperate move to regain sports status, California is the first over the cliff. They now are setting the precedence for paying college athletes...
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    Football Apparel

    As football season nears I started looking for apparel and thought maybe some of you might like this one. Sorry it if's already been posted.
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    B12 Golf Championship

    I'm not sure many follow our Iowa State golf team, but I had the unique opportunity to not only attend today's first and second rounds of the B12 Golf Championship, but along the way meeting the coach, assistant athletic director, and several of the player's parents. Despite reading that I not...
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    Best way to get WV tickets

    My wife and I are considering traveling up to Morgantown and are wondering the best way to get some tickets, best places for dining, best hotel for that night's stay, and any venue for pre-game ISU gathering. Any / all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    HS Graduation Rates Looks like Texas pretty much cleans up on graduation rates. I know they're a large state and, accordingly, would have a larger number of...
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    WV - Full of it

    It's amazing how that program can be so obnoxious... and never give credit to Iowa State for the pasting we delivered.
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    Register Subscription Suspicion

    Oddly, when I try to click on any Iowa State articles from the online DesMoines Register I'm informed I've reached my '10 article limit'. BUT, if I click on any of the Hawkeye articles, I see them. Is that even legal?
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    Oklahoma Targeting on Lazard During Ryan's TD

    If I ever saw targeting with intent to harm, it was on that play. The linebacker was clearly beat and he speared Lazard after Lazard completed his block. Dangerous and uncalled for. Anyone see it differently?
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    Green "Away" Fan

    As I've never been to an 'away' game, I have the unique opportunity to go to both 'Akron' this weekend and 'Morgantown' in the beginning of November. First things first: I purchased tickets already so I'm good to go there. But where can I find a great tailgate to bring my world famous...
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    State of Iowa 1st ever to...

    graduate 90% of its kids from high school. I just heard this on NPR. A great shout out to that state for raising the bar.