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  1. cygrads

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    We are thinking of switching from Verizon to T-Mobile and were wondering how coverage was in central Iowa and also throughout the U.S. T-Mobile has a 55 and over plan that will provide more service for much less money - roughly $30 less per month. It looks like their coverage is good but want...
  2. cygrads

    Are we having a Spring Game?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed but is there a spring game this year? If so where is there any info on this? I searched this site and and can't find anything about a game this spring.
  3. cygrads

    Klatt on Fox on CMC

    Klatt said ISU is his under the radar team but mostly CMC. Klatt also said only reason CMC is still at ISU is because of the it buyout. Really getting tired of this type of talk.
  4. cygrads

    ****'s Sporting Goods

    We were looking at an elliptical on ****'s website but didn't order it. Then an hour later we got an email from them thanking us for our order. We called ****'s and they would not stop the order, then called PayPal and entered a dispute with them and called the credit card company and entered...
  5. cygrads

    Brewer Starting?

    I thought Baylor's QB Brewer wasn't allowed to play the first half after getting kicked out in the second half last week? What did I miss?
  6. cygrads

    How big of a vehicle is allowed in C2?

    I have had a parking spot in C2 for years and have seen vehicles of varying sizes. What are the dimensions allowed in C2 and can you have an RV as long as it is within the size limits?
  7. cygrads

    RV, Camper or 5th Wheel

    My wife and I will be retiring in the next 4 to 5 years and want to do some traveling in the U.S. (National Parks and other sights). We are planning on buying something in the next couple of years but don't really know the pros and cons of each type of RV. If anyone has any experience with...
  8. cygrads

    Where to get Liberty Bowl gear?

    We have looked for gear at Hy-Vee, Strawberry Patch, Younkers, Scheels and Price Choppers and not finding much at all.
  9. cygrads

    UNI Played Poorly??

    One last thing on the UNI game - I have read in several threads how people thought UNI played poorly and how even UNI fans thought they played poorly as well. From looking at the stats it certainly doesn't look that way - they had more first downs, yards, three fewer turnovers, fewer penalties...
  10. cygrads

    How far does ISU Fall

    How many spots does ISU fall in the polls? My guess is down to 12 or 13.
  11. cygrads

    Olympic NP & Seattle Advice

    After 19210 started a thread for advice on his vacation I would like to do the same for our trip to Olympic NP and Seattle. Any advice and "don't miss" ideas are appreciated. We will be out there for a week. Thanks in advance Fanatics!
  12. cygrads

    Mid Major Coaches

    When will the coaches from Dayton, WS & UNI go on to major conferences? If you were the AD at Texas, Creighton, Okie State, K-State, Illinois, Indiana etc... why wouldn't you go after Miller from Dayton?
  13. cygrads

    TCU Spends Most on Football

    After the game Ben Bruns mentioned an article that showed TCU spends more than anyone in the conference and the way it sounded he agreed with the use of most of the budget being used on football. So what are everyone's thoughts on whether JP should have put more into football and let some of...
  14. cygrads

    Boise State University

    Remember when BSU was a factor. A few years after conference realignment and they missed out on getting in a Big 5 conference you never hear anything about them. I realize they aren't as good as they have been in the past but still hardly any coverage. This could have been ISU if the Big XII...
  15. cygrads

    BU hold while QB in Endzone

    In the 3rd qtr last night BU had an offensive holding call while their QB was in the end zone isn't that a safety rather than half distance to goal line?
  16. cygrads

    How Many Conf Teams to Post Season?

    Looking at the conference standings I'm thinking everyone but TCU has a chance to play in the post season. Seedings are another thing - Big 12 is going to leave ISU, OU, OSU, UT and BU with 4-6 losses each and may hurt the seedings. I know too soon to start thinking about this... NCAA: KU OSU...
  17. cygrads

    Timing of Press Releases

    The ISU AD has two big press releases coming up 1) OC and 2) renderings of SEZ project. When do you think the timing of the two press releases will be? JP has been very good at getting the most bang for his buck when it comes to the timing of press releases - so what is everyone's guesses? Is...
  18. cygrads

    Dog Training

    Does anyone know of any central Iowa dog trainers? We adopted a 3 year old female Shih Tzu who was used as a breeding dog. She was not house trained, didn't know how to jump, go up and down stairs and is very fearful of people in general and men especially. Right now we are most concerned...
  19. cygrads

    Eagle LBInjured

    The free agent the Eagles picked up during the off season to contest to start at LB is now injured. Injury is never good but maybe this helps Jake make the team.
  20. cygrads


    I saw an article where wvu season ticket sales are down 4k compared to last years 36k. the article stated this years sales are in line with 2010 & 2011. interesting info.