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  1. CloneGuy8

    Larry Flynt passes away

  2. CloneGuy8

    Moe Cason looking to open BBQ restaurant in DM If you don't know, Moe Cason is a pretty big name in the national BBQ scene, and is a native of Des Moines. I'm pretty happy to hear he's wanting...
  3. CloneGuy8

    Coolest athlete photo: Iowa State Edition

    Inspired by this tweet. Submit your suggestion.
  4. CloneGuy8

    Hypothetical - Pick one

    Just some fun discussion on a Friday night. Which team would you go with: Team A: Brock Purdy David Montgomery Allen Lazard Team B: Seneca Wallace Breece Hall Hakeem Butler The rest of the team on offense, defense, and special teams is from the 2020 roster for each.
  5. CloneGuy8

    Home Team Pizza vs Gumby's Pizza

    You have the power to bring one back to Ames. Which one are you bringing back?
  6. CloneGuy8

    Andrew Mevis Commits - Grad Transfer Kicker

  7. CloneGuy8

    Charlie Brewer to grad transfer

    This is pretty surprising. Wonder if Texas pursues with Ehlinger gone?
  8. CloneGuy8

    Monte getting paid

    Happy for him!
  9. CloneGuy8

    Best Christmas movie?

    Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie, so its not included.
  10. CloneGuy8

    Texas high school football

    No wonder its getting harder and harder to find refs to do the job
  11. CloneGuy8

    ***Official Getting Laid Tonight Thread***

  12. CloneGuy8

    Best Thanksgiving Dessert

    In the spirit of the Thanksgiving side thread, how about desserts?
  13. CloneGuy8

    Xavier Hutchinson Appreciation Thread

    With all of the deserved attention Purdy, Hall, and the TE's get, it is easy to overlook how important Hutchinson has been to this team. He was a beast today.
  14. CloneGuy8

    Wow. That was an ass kicking

    And I enjoyed every minute of it. As for K-State
  15. CloneGuy8

    NBA: ***2020 NBA Draft Thread - Where will Haliburton be drafted?***

    Draft is in 2 days. Anyone want to make a final prediction on where Haliburton goes? I'm going with Atlanta at 6.
  16. CloneGuy8

    Kene was the MVP tonight

    I'm not so sure we win if he doesn't have that big kickoff return. He's so fun to watch.
  17. CloneGuy8

    Billy Tubbs passes away

  18. CloneGuy8

    What will you do w/ your extra hour tonight?

    If other, please explain
  19. CloneGuy8

    Songbird: New movie to take your mind off the pandemic

    Okay, it actually looks pretty good
  20. CloneGuy8

    Tom Herman scouting strategy

    All you fools keep quiet the week we play Texas