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  1. cycloner29

    Food Coma

    Wanted to call this thread “2021 Tailgating Food”, but after I ate this I literally was in a food coma. Beer brats with carmelized onions and sweet peppers, sweet pickled jalapeños and other hot peppers, and home cured buckboard bacon bits from pork shoulder on top along with in the baked beans...
  2. cycloner29

    Jeff Passan story on ESPN dealing with Mental Health

    Anyone else read this article? I couldn't stop reading it. I even read it again to make sure I read it right the first time. What a powerful article on someone that battled mental health issues that it lead him to the brink of suicide. Drew Robinson deserves to win an ESPY award for what he...
  3. cycloner29

    Chris Street Gravesite Vandalized

    Just saw the story on KCCI. Iowa alum Beau Bowman was assigned the story. Pretty sad to see this happen to anyone’s grave site. Didn’t realize it’s been 27 years already and that he was from Indianola. I was kinda taken back though when they called him an “Iowa Legend” though. I still remember...
  4. cycloner29

    Healthcare Premiums

    Anyone else seeing a large increase in premiums? Just got word our current policy is going up 34% with United Healthcare. Wow!! I figured they would be going up with Covid, but that is crazy!
  5. cycloner29

    Looking for 3 for Big 12 Championship

    Holding some hope people may have a few extras. Let me know please. Would have needed 4 but our oldest son got a couple for he and his friend to go. TIA!!
  6. cycloner29

    If fans are allowed, need 4 for WV

    If they allow fans for the West Virginia game I am in the market for four. Trying to keep our 20 year streak alive of going to at least one game. We opted out of our season tickets this year. TIA!!
  7. cycloner29

    WTB: Need 4 for KSU

    Looking to get four tickets for the KSU game. Let me know what you have. TIA!
  8. cycloner29

    Pandemic brings out the best in this hawk fan

    Either this guy has a lot riding on the season or just a strange little man! Must be the team mom or something. He is pleading for them to not "lick " girls.
  9. cycloner29

    Ames High Lost a Great One

    Yesterday Ames High teacher and swimming coach Dan Flannery passed away unexpectedly. What a terrible tragedy. He was the best swimming coach around the state of Iowa. He lead both the Ames girls and boys swimming teams. Since taking over as head girls swim coach in 2002, his record was...
  10. cycloner29

    Backyard Wood Panel Privacy Fence

    Putting in a privacy fence on two sides of our property. First thing I did was call to get the utilities locate (was surprised by there first question if I was using explosives or not.) It got me thinking though on which side of the fencing should be on your side or on your neighbor's side...
  11. cycloner29

    Jerky Recipe

    Anyone have a go-to jerky recipe they might share? I have 2.5 lbs of eye of round I am thinking of using. Not much else to do to stay busy. TIA! This would be my maiden voyage in the land of making jerky.
  12. cycloner29

    Unemployment payments

    This a weird question to ask. Have a neighbor who is a contract worker with health benefits. He also works a part time job. He is still working as a contract worker, but was laid off due to the coronavirus on his part time job as a line cook. He applied for unemployment for his part time job and...
  13. cycloner29

    Ames High hires new Football Coach

  14. cycloner29

    Butchering/Locker Question

    Was wondering how many days a beef should hang before it is cut up. I always thought it was around 14 days. Was looking around to see if any local lockers had any for sale. Had a couple say they weren't getting anything in for another month or so yet. One did call be back and someone backed out...
  15. cycloner29

    Parking for Texas Game Question

    I know you need passes for C1 and C2 lots, but are they assigned spots or first come first serve? TIA
  16. cycloner29

    Penny Hardaway gives a recruit an "Assist"

    This is gonna get good!!
  17. cycloner29

    iOS 13.1.3 Software Updating Problems

    Like post IPhone users, the latest update is out and you should be seeing or have seen an update on your Iphone, Ipad, etc. Wife and I both have the 6s+ Iphones. I got it Saturday and started the download process on Sunday. Problem is that is still has not completed as of 11 am this morning...
  18. cycloner29

    Grass Lots for TCU

    Keep seeing 1-3” of rain the next few days along with a chance on Saturday. Ground is already saturated. Hopefully the lots are open but with the weather pattern lately you never know what Mother Nature will give us this week.
  19. cycloner29

    People Selling Tickets

    Dear sweet baby Jesus.... I pray that cyclone football ticket holders are selling their tickets on here, along with other's selling theirs on other venues, are selling them to Cyclone fans and not to fans of the TOE!! If not, I"ll send Texas Ranger to come at you like a spider monkey!!
  20. cycloner29

    Drain Pipe Issue

    Neighbor had an issue with some water dripping on his patio. My first thought was to get the siding off in order to help it start to dry out no matter what was causing the issue. Turns out it was the 1.5" copper drain line coming out of his disposal that seemed to have a seam that had opened...