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  1. motorcy90

    Matt Campbell Interview

    How has this not been posted here yet?? at the end asked about his name being thrown out for every open job for NFL or "big school".. and you're staying at Iowa State, why is the fit for you the perfect one with Iowa State. MC-I never got into this profession to chase jobs, you know my...
  2. motorcy90

    Louisiana State University sexual assault investigation lets see what actually happens with this. as it involves 2019 and the Athletic...
  3. motorcy90

    New class 5A for HS Football.

    has anyone else seen this or read any news about it yet?
  4. motorcy90

    2021 Supercross series

    does any one else follow the series? will really be interesting on the season for the shorter turn around at the same stadiums this season. kind of exciting that Barcia won the season opener again on a new Gas Gas bike, and Mosiman is currently leading in the 250 heat 1 on a Gas Gas. what do...
  5. motorcy90

    DSM Bucs finally get an upgrade

    this looks like it will be a much needed upgrade for the teams and fans.. living 3 hours away we try to catch the games when they are in Waterloo , Dubuque and Cedar Rapids(not so this year).
  6. motorcy90

    SEC conference only

    SEC is moving to a conference only schedule apparently
  7. motorcy90

    Grinnell cancels fall sports

    Grinnell College has decided they are canceling all sports this fall...
  8. motorcy90

    24/7 article on ISU vs OSU 2011

    front page of 24/7 sports on how the 2011 game vs OSU did help the creation of the playoffs.. and some what could have been scenarios.
  9. motorcy90

    JP & ISU was first..

    Jamie Pollard was really the first to publicly acknowledge the situation. KSU, and UNI have both issued statements about cutting salaries so far..
  10. motorcy90

    NCAA 14 football 64 team playoff simulations. ISU Final 4

    kind of an interesting thought process, but at the same time this channel was a real what if for last season.
  11. motorcy90

    NCAA grants another Year Possibly.
  12. motorcy90

    Come on CF. Do you not have control of ads??

    This troll job showed up tonight.
  13. motorcy90

    Arena Football league is no more. was easy to see coming has it only had 6 teams, with only 4 of those actually playing last season. kind of sad seeing as it had an Iowa connection (so they said) on its founding.
  14. motorcy90

    looking for 2 for OSU game. upper balcony/cheaper.

    Just swapped on call for work the next 2 weeks, will be able to make the OSU game now. wanting 2 tickets for the game hopefully. kind of on a budget so don't care if they are on upper level or wherever.
  15. motorcy90

    ESPN College Football This Is Us.

    did any one else watch this so far? I kind of feel it was a disservice not mentioning the story of Jack Trice, but it brought up the Johnny Bright incident (not that that wasn't an insignificant event either). They even had a segment on the deaths from the game.
  16. motorcy90

    Apollo 11 CNN Doc.

    Caught the last half of this tonight. amazing to think this happened 50 years ago, Yet now we wouldn't be able to accomplish the same without another decade of work. Hopefully the current SLS system will lead to a return to the moon, and who knows where else.
  17. motorcy90

    5 balanced teams

    Saw this posted on the NCAA March Madness facebook page. Michigan State Virginia Duke North Carolina Iowa...