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  1. baller1

    Today’s best bets

    Please post your locks: Iowa ML 1.5U Appalachian State +5 1U Oklahoma/Oklahoma State over 60 1U may add more later
  2. baller1

    This weekends bets

    Please post your locks. Not a great slate of games, but money to be made for us fanatics. Oregon -10 2U Rutgers -6 1.5U Saints -9 1U
  3. baller1

    Today’s best bets

    Please post today’s locks Michigan -3 1U Minnesota -7 1U Liberty +16.5 3U Michigan State +7 1U Georgia -3 1U 2 team parlay Tcu -10 / Oklahoma -38 .5U
  4. baller1

    Neutralizing stretch 4’s

    With Pemsl hitting the market it had me thinking: could Steve start the next wave of great basketball at Iowa State by reversing course on the spacing offense back to a more traditional 2 big man look? Envision Pemsl on the left block with Solomon “Monster” Young on the right block, that could...
  5. baller1

    Need 1 for tonight

    Need 1 ticket for tonight
  6. baller1

    Fantasy football trades

    Attempted to trade Christine Michael and Allen Hurns for Jordy Nelson and was vetoed. Wanted some opinions on this as I felt it was a fair trade? Michael would be this person's RB1 as injuries and poor draft choices have decimated his roster.
  7. baller1

    Who are

    your favorite fans to party/drink a beer with down at the Big 12 Tournament besides us Clones?
  8. baller1

    How will we do

    Against some of the top teams we could potentially play in the NCAA tournament? Obviously we still have a Big 12 title race and Big 12 tourney ahead, but curious to hear some opinions on how we might match-up with Kentucky, Virginia, Duke, ZONA, Wiscy, etc.
  9. baller1

    NCAA changes charge rule again? Looks like the NCAA is changing the charge rule back to 2012-2013 style
  10. baller1

    Antoine mason to transfer

    Ships probably sailed for us but he is transferring for those interested
  11. baller1

    How much should I expect to pay

    For our quarterfinal game on Thursday? Going to be heading down Wednesday night. We're probably just going to try and scalp Thursday morning for 2-3 people. If it's absurdly high we're just going to watch in the P&L. Wish they had single game student tickets like most of the other conference...
  12. baller1

    Des Moines to San Diego

    Another driving question here. Anyone ever done this drive or something similar? If the Clones happen to get placed there for the NCAA tourney three of us are going to make the drive since we have a free place to stay out there.
  13. baller1

    Why do old people

    Stand and get rowdy through timeouts and then once the game starts back up and we've still got momentum, sit back down and shut up?
  14. baller1

    Options besides Vaughn

    If Vaughn is picking UNLV, who are some of the other options we are recruiting? I know of Marvin Clark and that Cunningham is not coming here. How hard are we going after Bobbitt of Indian Hills and who are the other schools recruiting him? Any other possible JUCO guards we're looking at?
  15. baller1

    FS: 1 ticket for Iowa game

    Section 207 row 11 seat 12 $80 or best offer
  16. baller1

    Deferred Judgements

    Anyone ever used one of these before? I got a public intox a few nights ago and have a court date next Friday. Do I need a lawyer to have one of these granted from the judge or can I just ask the judge for a deferred judgement after pleading guilty? Thanks
  17. baller1

    Michigan @ Iowa State predictions

    ISU 77 Michigan 71 Niang with 20 Ejim plays sparingly
  18. baller1

    2014 preseason tournament- any ideas?

    Anyone have any insight on where the team might be headed for a preseason tournament next year? Looks like the Old Spice Classic, Battle 4 Atlantis, and Maui already have Big 12 teams. Was hoping to get in a big-time tournament with a roster that should be loaded.
  19. baller1

    Media Day

    Heard it was this week...anyone know the exact date? Excited to see what Freddy Hoi has to say about the ballclub
  20. baller1

    Starting lineup will be

    Kane Naz Dorsey-Walker Ejim Niang First off the bench: Thomas Hogue Edozie According to someone who would know... Morris will play, just not as much as some of you expect