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    2020 uniform thread

    The white/black/white made ISU look like a bunch of police cares. BTW, ISU's colors are cardinal and gold. Glad they won, but the unis sucked.
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    Matt Blair passes away

    Not only a great football player, but a true gentleman in every sense of the word. RIP, Matt
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    2020 uniform thread

    Our uniforms suck.
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    Bruce Harreld Retiring?

    Who wouldn't leave that dumpster fire?
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    Fort Dodge's Dayson Clayton puts together second 300+ yard rushing game of the season

    Good prospect, but Ames and Sioux City East are NOT solid competition.
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    University of Iowa Athletic Dept.

    This really breaks your heart, doesn't it. So sad.
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    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

    Chris --- What do I have to do to have Forums access?
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    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

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    Kirk Ferentz getting sued for being racist

    This report is just what we all expected. A complete bowl of crap that protects the university's privileged football program. Athletics is a sacred cow at UI.
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    Does anyone remember Hercle Ivy?

    The best pure shooter I have ever seen at Iowa State.
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    MLB: The best thing about baseball...

    Baseball used to be fun.
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    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    After watching the Yankees and Nationals kneel for the national anthem, I will be watching NO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL this year.
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    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    The Luther Blue kick-off return was a piece of art.
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    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    The whole city of Ames and most of Iowa went wild after that '76 win over Nebby. What a great game!!
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    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    I don't remember that, but we did get punished --- 42-21.
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    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    Mike Williams' leg injury was so bad, he almost lost his leg. Big loss, but Dexter Green registered a 1,000 yard season. What a special year.
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    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    No. We should not have won that game. It was in Stillwater and Terry Miller killed us. I was there.
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    WVU loses D'coordinator ...

    You mean, a "snowflake"?
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    WVU loses D'coordinator ...

    Is there anything left of freedom of speech. Someone is ALWAYS going to be offended about something. Stay away from others.
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    Post Positive Stuff Here

    BACK THE BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!