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  1. Sigmapolis

    New Mississippi State Flag

    And before I say anything else, we are not here to debate the politics of the flag. We are only here to talk about vexillology -- the study of the aesthetics and symbolism of flags. Anyways, here is what the state's commission is recommending to the voters for this November -- That verges...
  2. Sigmapolis

    Best ISU Football Team You've Watched

    I thought I would make the happier version. :) My answer is the 2017 team. Easily handled Northern Iowa. Really should have finished off Iowa in Ames. Easy win at Akron (and I was 3/3 for attending games at this point). The infamous "Jacob Park gets the cold shoulder" game against Texas...
  3. Sigmapolis

    Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?

    I found this article fascinating -- Does attending a more selective college equal a bigger paycheck?
  4. Sigmapolis

    2019-2020 Computer Projections Thread

    So the consensus seemed to be a new thread for the new year. So here it is! I am going to port over a few of the best posts to start it off again... * * * Computer projections thread for the 2019-2020 season! And the Bart Torvik projections for the year...
  5. Sigmapolis

    K-State game (on November 30, 2019)

    Hey there -- I am 99% sure I am going to drive down to Manhattan for the K-State game in November. I have been to Manhattan but never a game there and am going to be back in Iowa for the holiday, so I figured why not borrow one of my dad's numerous cars and head down. Questions... (1.) Best...
  6. Sigmapolis

    2018-2019 computer projections thread

    I thought I would make a thread for updating projections throughout the season. This comes up across several threads, so I thought to centralize it here for everybody. Some of this will be predictive on a game-by-game or season basis, some of this will be chances of making the tournament, some...
  7. Sigmapolis

    Cyclone Fanatic College Football Playoff Committee Rankings

    Thirteen of us have a committee going with our own poll to rank college football teams. @BillyClone @BWRhasnoAC @cyclones500 @Daserop @hunttr82 @inCyteful @JM4CY @MeanDean @mj4cy @Shawker @Sigmapolis @VeloClone @ZB4CY Eleven of us were able to vote this week. Here are our results for Week 9...
  8. Sigmapolis

    Hiring through Career Services or...?

    Hey there -- I was looking into finding some CVs from graduating Cyclones. Having never done this before, I wondered the best way to do this. We are going through a hiring cycle right now that somebody put me in charge of for some reason, and I was looking for entry-level applicants coming...
  9. Sigmapolis

    New uniform numbers for next season! #0 -- Zion Griffin #4 -- George Conditt IV #11 -- Talen Horton-Tucker #13 -- Prentiss Nixon #22 -- Tyrese Haliburton You have some big shoes to fill with that #11, young Mr. Horton-Tucker.
  10. Sigmapolis

    Chart of 2017-2018 playing time

    I kept a chart of playing time throughout the 2017-2018 season. I have done this for a few years -- it helps show some trends in rotations, roster development, and, in hindsight, telling the "story" of the season. That is definitely the case this year with different colors phasing in and out...
  11. Sigmapolis

    Computer Ranking w/o UM-W and/or MIZ Games

    During the radio hour this week, @ChrisMWilliams and @brentblum wondered what ISU's computer rankings would look like without the UW-M or Missouri games dragging us down. I did some quick calculations this evening to figure that out. My chosen computer metric, while there are many out there...
  12. Sigmapolis

    UNI and Iowa Tickets

    Good evening -- This is more of a question than a request for an exchange, but I figured here was the best place to ask it. Moderators, if that is not the case, feel free to move it. I am coming home to Iowa for the first two weekends of September. This would put me home for the weekends of...
  13. Sigmapolis

    Help: Homepage loading as text only, but forum is fine

    Hey there -- Odd problem that popped up on the site a few days ago. I use Chrome, if that is any help. When loading the home page or any content pages (the articles about the games this weekend, stuff like that, all that lovely content), the pages load as text only, like this... It all...
  14. Sigmapolis

    Survey to rank the 2016 uniform combinations

    Link to survey: Hello there. Yes, "yet another uniform thread," but I thought to do something new with this one. This year marked several firsts in the history of ISU football and its wardrobe. This included the introduction of gray alternative elements, a...
  15. Sigmapolis

    Help: So I've gotten the same virus twice off CF in the past day What gives with CF linking to and installing that kind of thing? Having to post this from my phone as my computer scans. And yes, CF was the only site I had open at the time. Not the best look here.
  16. Sigmapolis

    Nice Hornacek article

    From the Ashes « - Fitzsimmons’s rebuilding plan had just one holdover, an integral part of the backcourt. The player was a coach’s son, an accounting major, and a college walk-on. “Jeff Hornacek is the only guy who was here two seasons ago,â€￾ he said. - Hornacek filled all the...
  17. Sigmapolis

    Can anybody tell me what song this is?

    This is a terrible recording--it was with my iPhone 4, and the beeping in the background is the door ajar warning of my 2002 Camry. Yes, I'm cool like that. I've heard this song a few times before and since then, and I can't place any of the lyrics, the style, or the tune or anything. There's...
  18. Sigmapolis

    ISU v. UConn @ Hartford

    Hey all, I'm a long time reader, but I finally decided to join and start participating, in no small part so I can make this thread. My whole story and introduction is here: For those of you...
  19. Sigmapolis

    Well, it's about time...

    Hello everybody. This thread has been a long time in coming... Finally, after five or so years "lurking" here on CycloneFanatic, I have decided to make an account an offer my limited participation in the forums and to use it to keep my connection to the Iowa State athletics community as open as...